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Two brothers who died.

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Q: What does the B on the phillies uniform stand for?
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What does the letter B stand for on the phillies uniform?

Two brothers who died.

What does the black circle stand for on the Phillies uniform?

Two of the three buck brothers, the owners of the phillies since 1981, died this summer.

What does the 36 stand for on the Philadelphia phillies uniform?

The '36' on the sleeves of the Philadelphia Phillies jerseys is to honor former Phillies pitcher Robin Roberts, who died on May 6th. His jersey number '36' was retired by the Phillies earlier.

What does the B on the phillies jersey signify?

You're the idiot! Nobody would mistake a P for a B. The B on their jerseys stand for 2 members of the club that died. [Its not a B its a P idiot, and it symbolizez PHILLIES. wow...]

What does the HK stand for on the Philadelphia Phillies uniform?

The 'HK" is in tribute to Harry Kalas, the long time Phillies broadcaster who passed away early in the 2009 season.Harry Kallas Memorial

What does the B on the Phillies uniform signify?

The B stands for both of the previos owners and brothers of the owners, named Buck. One passed away at the beginning of the year.

What does the black circled b stand for on the philadelphia phillies uniform?

as a tribute to two long-time members of the club's ownership group (Alexander "Whip" Buck and J. Mahlon "Jim" Buck) who recently passed away.

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Who wore number 12 for the Phillies?

No current Phillies' player has uniform number 12.

What does the CB on the Philadelphia Phillies uniform stand for?

The Phillies will honor longtime owner Claire Betz this season with a patch on their uniforms with the initials "CB." Betz died on Feb. 6. She and her late husband, John Drew Betz, became Phillies owners in 1981.

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Who wore uniform number 24 for the Philadelphia Phillies?

Chase Utley wears the 24 for the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Baseball Hall of Famer Michael Jack Schmidt.

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