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See Related Links for Images of the 2008 Beijing Olympic medals

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Q: What does the 2008 olympic gold medal look like?
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What does the olympic gold medal look like?

A round medal with an Olympic logo on it.

What does an olympic gold medal look like?

The Olympic gold medal is awarded for coming first in an Olympic event. It looks like a small golden circle.

What does the Olympic medal looks like?

a circle and its gold

Who is the famous sportsmen of Afghanistan?

The famous sportsmen of Afghanistan is Rohullah Nikpah. He won 1 bronze medal in Olympic 2008 which was held in Beijing. And one in London 2012 Olympic. Well done Rohullah Nikpah!! We would like to see you in 2016 to win a gold medal.

What does a gold medal look like?

A gold medal is gold colour and had palm leaves on it.

Aussies in the 1896 olympic games?

Billy Bob was a gold medal winner in the 1896 olympic games not but if anybody nos who really knows who won a medal at the 1896 olympic games answer this question PS. if u can't tell i am joking but if u do no please answer this question and do u like the olympic games and y

How much does a olympic coach get paid?

The average paid rate for an Olympic coach is about 100 USD per hour. However, in some countries like Canada they will start paying bonus money to the Olympic coaches after London 2012; $10.000 per gold medal, $7,500 per silver medal and $5,000 per bronze medal.

What did Muhammad Ali say after he won the 1960 Olympic gold medal?

I'm not sure but I do know he had a famous saying "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" hope this helps.

How much Are Olympic champions paid?

I've been told, it's $25,000 for a Gold Medal. Doesn't seem like much, but they also have endorsements and sponsors too.

What does a Nobel prize look like?

It looks like a gold medal

How many bronze medals has Valerie Adams got?

She wins gold like in the 2012 Olympic Shot Put, She has not won a bronze medal since 2005 world championships in Helsinki

How much is a 1912 Olympic Gold medal worth?

$13122.32 US Dollars at todays market price of $1623.60 if it weighed 250 grams like the medals do today. Steve Looser

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