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When a player on your team starts the game his team is playing.

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Q: What does started mean in fantasy baseball?
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What does percent started mean in fantasy baseball?

charlotte hughes smells of poo.

What does gs stand for in ESPN fantasy baseball?

Games Started

In fantasy baseball what does U mean in the player positions?


What does h2h each category mean in fantasy baseball?

head to head

What does PA mean in fantasy baseball?

PA stands for Plate Appearances.

Where can you make a fantasy baseball team? and have fantasy baseball

What does owned mean in fantasy baseball?

Owned in the fantasy baseball sense simply means that a certain player is already on somebodies team. A player can either be owned (taken already), a free agent (up for grabs), or on Waivers (depending on league it may take 2-3 days for approval to sign this player). If you are looking for what % owned means in fantasy baseball. It is the percent of all fantasy baseball teams who own that player

What is more popular fantasy basketball or baseball?

fantasy basketball is more popular because it is alot easier to follow than fantasy baseball

What does the letter 'u' stand for in fantasy baseball?

It stands for unavailable. But this can vary between what website you are using to play fantasy baseball. For Example: Yahoo Fantasy Baseball does not have a code for the letter "u".

How old do you have to be to have a free fantasy baseball team?

There is no age limit. Most Fantasy Baseball leagues ARE free.

When did fantasy art start?

fantasy started around the time of vincent van gogh

What does GS mean in baseball stats?

Games started

What does TB mean in fantasy baseball?

Well as a statistic it would mean total bases, which is pretty self explanatory. It could also be short for Tampa Bay

What does GS mean on a baseball players stats?

games started

What is the difference between Fantasy and Roto Baseball?

Fantasy Baseball is more general, as it refers to any type of fantasy competition in baseball. Roto is a type of such a competition, as opposed to head-to-head. Roto is short for rotisserie, which translates stats of your players into points, and the team in your league with the most points wins. Rotisserie Baseball was the original and played a 4x4 format for its league. It was started in New York City about 1980. Most of its members loved to play Strat-o-Matic as boys and this took its place in many cases. Today, thanks to computerized stats, fantasy baseball can take on many more statistical categories and can be played head to head as well.

Who invented fantasy football?

Wilfred Winkenbach. Also known as Bill Winkenbach invented fantasy football. He also is credited with inventing fantasy golf and fantasy baseball.

What does fantasy of life mean?

fantasy that could be real.

When does fantasy baseball start?

Usually at the beginning of baseball season.

How do I start a fantasy baseball money league?

Ask a group of friends, other people that you know like baseball. Start off for small amounts of money if nobody has fantasy baseball experience.

What is SSPD mean in fantasy football?

SSPD means suspended in Fantasy Football.

Which Fantasy sport is least popular?

The most popular is Fantasy Football (by far), followed by Fantasy Baseball. There is also Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy NASCAR which all seem to have about the same following.

Who invented fantasy baseball?

The Fantasy Jungle was one of the first companies to offer online fantasy baseball games that pay cash as prizes, they also have info and several other sports they offer in but are one of the first i have seen.

How do you delete fantasy teams in fantasy baseball?

email them saying what team you want deleted and in which league

What are The best fantasy baseball names?

i dont know about baseball, but for football its 9021BOWE

When is fantasy baseball starting?

February 29