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Sport fitness means working out. For example, running, going to the gym, practicing ect. Also, working very hard at the sport and trying the best u can possibly do.

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2007-11-15 00:47:28
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Q: What does sports fitness mean?
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What do you mean by pfstt?

Physical fitness and sports talent test

What is the definitions for sports and fitness?

Fitness is what you achieve by doing sports. ( In future, ONE question at a time please)

Physical fitness and sports talent testing in the Philippines?

what is the physical fitness and sports talent testinng in the Philippines

What does ACSM HFS mean?

ACSM stands for the American College of Sports Medicine, a governing organization in the fitness industry. HFS stands for Health and Fitness Specialist this is a certification offered by the American College of Sports Medicine. It was formally HFI or Health and Fitness Instructor.

How is this statement a fitness myth fitness is based on muscle strength and how well you perform in sports?

A fitness myth is that muscle strength determines how well you do at sports.

What are the reviews for DW sports Fitness?

The reviews for DW sports Fitness is pretty good. It seem like most members who are part of DW sports Fitness enjoy it and have asserted that the customer service is excellent.

Best fitness sports gym who makes it?

fitness firstI own itSkillbro2107

Why is fitness testing carried out?

To see how well certain athletes can preform. depends on if you mean in school or on a sports team.

How do sports help fitness?

The more you do sports like running around and all that you can lose weight and its better than doing fitness cause its fun:)

Where can sports fitness equipment be bought?

One can find sports fitness equipment at stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods or Sears. Other options online include Overstock, Sports Authority, Play it Again Sports, and any other sports stores.

What are sports for?

Sports are for several things. They could be for competition, fitness or even just for fun.

What is Physical Fitness and Sports Talent Test?

it contents the

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