What does shihan mean?

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It is Japanese and means 'master instructor' usually used in the Martial Arts for a mid-grade instructor.

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Q: What does shihan mean?
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When was Shihan - newspaper - created?

Shihan - newspaper - was created in 1991.

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What nicknames does Todo Segalla go by?

Todo Segalla goes by Cujo, Nico, and Shihan.

What nicknames does Fumio Demura go by?

Fumio Demura goes by Sensei (Instructor), and Shihan (Chief Instructor).

How do you say grandmaster in Japanese?

there is no Japanese word for grandmaster cuz im a Grandmaster in taekwon-do i also check no word ___ Taekwondo is Korean, not Japanese, so how would that qualify you...? Anyway, 達人 (tatsujin) means 'master' or 'expert' in Japanese. In terms of a martial art, 師範 (Shihan) would mean 'master' and is an honorific that is a high enough level that it can be used interchangeably with 'grandmaster'.

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What are the ranks in the Tekken Dark Resurrection?

begginner, 9th kyu-1stkyu, 1st dan-7th dan,shihan, expert, warrior, master, virtuoso, champion, lone wolf, destroyer, beserker, sage, legend, fujin, raijin, deity, lord of war, tekkon lord, dark lord and last divine fist

What organization does the Narumikai Shotokan Karate-Do Federation hold an affiliation with?

It is actually a fake organization advertised by Mazhar Asif from India. He collected nearly Rs.14,00,000 from India and Sri Lanka on name of this fake organization. Shihan Narumi is actually from Gima-Ha Shotokan- Ryu Karatedo Federation and still belongs to the same. For any clarification one can contact the Gima-ha's Indian representative at their website

Are karate teachers called Sensei?

Sensei is the Japanese word for teacher. Many styles of Karate will refer to their instructors as sensei. However, lower graded black belts who instruct may be referred to as senpai, meaning senior student, and highly graded or senior black belts will be referred to as Shihan/hanshi meaning master or expert. Some of these senior grades may choose to be referred to as sensei, as a way of being less removed from his/her students

How do you unlock jinpachi on tekken dark resurection?

become tekkon lord with any character on arcade the way you become tekkon lord is getting promotion chances it goes beginner 9th kyu-1st kyu then 1st dan-7th Dan then shihan, expert, warrior, master, virtuose, champion, lone wolf, destroyer, beserker, sage, legend, fujin, raijin, Deity, lord of war, tekkon lord, dark lord & divine fist I'm a raijin with eddy.

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