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Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

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Q: What does scuba divers stand for?
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Do scuba divers breath pure oxygen?

Technical scuba divers do, but recreational divers do not.

What is the collective noun of scuba divers?

The collective noun is a bubble of scuba divers.

Who would use the scuba gear?

Scuba divers.

What do scuba divers do?


Who can get bends?

scuba divers

Who uses a scuba-suit?

Many people use a SCUBA suit for diving. Sport divers, police divers and some Navy recovery divers.

How do scuba divers move?

They swim

Who hires scuba divers?


What is the gear divers use?


Why do scuba divers sink?

they don't

Before a diver dives will he will take a deep breath or hyperventilate?

Free divers do but scuba divers do not need to. Scuba divers take their air with them and would have no need to hyperventilate.

How do scuba divers sink if they ave tanks of compressed air on their backs?

Scuba divers also wear lead weights on a belt

Where are most scuba divers located?

In the Water....

What other animals have flippers?

scuba divers

Why scuba divers fall backwards out of boat?

Scuba divers fall backwards out of a boat because the tank breaks the water so they don't get hurt.

Are scuba divers old?

They don't necessarily have to be, I think.

How do scuba divers control their buoyancy?

swallow water

How do scuba divers rise to the surface after they dive?


What are skin divers?

Skin divers are people who dive into the ocean without using special equipment, unlike Scuba divers.

What are the release dates for Scuba Bob's Ocean Quest - 2006 Fearless Divers Scuba Rangers 2-7?

Scuba Bob's Ocean Quest - 2006 Fearless Divers Scuba Rangers 2-7 was released on: USA: 2007

What do scuba divers use to breathe underwater?

scuba - self contained underwater breathing apparatus

What do divers use to breathe underwater?

a combination of SCUBA tank(s) attached to a SCUBA regulator

Where can one purchase a scuba regulator online?

Scuba regulators, also called 'diving regulators', are vital for scuba divers to properly obtain oxygen from a tank. Regulators are available for purchase through diving specialty stores such as Prime Scuba, House of Scuba, and Divers Direct.

What do scuba divers need for a good education?

Like all adults or older teenagers; scuba divers need English and Maths also physics and scuba diving training. Hope I answered your question xx

What sport has the highest fatal rate?

It is not SCUBA. Scuba divers are well trained. Accidents happen but considering the number of divers out there scuba is quite safe. Jogging and riding a bicycle would rate much higher.