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It means when someone hits the ball and someone scores

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Q: What does runs batted in mean in baseball?
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What does BI mean in baseball stats?

Batted in, but its normally RBI - Runs Batted In

What does RBI and OBP mean in baseball stats?

Runs batted in and on base percentage.

What does rbi mean in baseball?

Run batted in

What is a twelve letter word meaning to score runs in baseball?

it's three words, but: runs batted in?

What baseball player has the most runs batted in all time?

Babe Ruth

What does rbi stand for in baseball?

it stands for runs batted in. for example there is a guy at third base and the guy at the plate hits the ball into the out field and the guy on third gets. the batter got 1 rbi.

What does Triple Crown mean in Major League Baseball?

The Triple Crown is awarded to a Major League Baseball player who is ranked first in three major categories. For hitters it is batting average, home runs and runs batted in. For pitchers it is earned run average, wins and strikeouts.

What do AVR HR RBI and OBP mean in baseball stats?

AVR is usually termed as AVG which stands for the players batting average. HR is the amount of home runs. RBI represents runs batted in. OBP shows a players on base percentage

What do the initials RBI represent?

In baseball, RBI stands for Runs Batted In, or the amount of runs scored as a direct result of a player's actions, usually a hit.

What does batted ball mean in baseball?

A batted ball is a pitched ball that makes contact with the batter's bat, whether intentional or not. A batted ball can be fair or foul.

Bi baseball stat?

Short form of RBI (runs batted in) used on box scores to save space.

In baseball is RBI the same as Batting Average?

no way rbi is runs batted in and batting average is your percentage of getting a hit