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ppg = Power Play Goal

nba = National Basketball Assoication

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Q: What does ppg mean in NBA?
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Who has highest ppg nba?

Wilt Chamberlain- 50.4 ppg in 1961-1962 (Philadelphia Warriors)

Top scorer per game in the NBA?

before Michael Jordan went to washington, he averaged 32.7 ppg with the bulls. That is the highest ppg in the nba

Who had the highest PPG in the NBA in 2001?

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs with a PPG average of 25.5

Who has the most ppg in the nba playoffs this year?

Kevin durant

What was Larry Bird's ppg his first year in the NBA?


Who in NBA is last the league in bench points?

The lakers at 20.4 ppg

Who had the best PPG average in the an NBA season?

Wilt Chamberlain during the 1961-62 season with the San Francisco Warriors; he averaged 50.4 PPG

Was Tracy mcgrady once the best player in the nba?

yes, in 2002-2003 nba season he averaged 32.1 ppg!

What does 'ppg' mean in hockey?

The stats term 'ppg' stands for Power Play Goal.

Who had the highest PPG in NBA history?

Michael Jordan has the most PPG in a career, with 30.12 PPG. Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for the most PPG during a single season, with 50.36 which he recorded while playing for the Philadelphia Warriors, during the 1961-62 regular season.

What is the lowest scoring average of a NBA all star?

14 ppg by Kevin Garnett this year.

Who is the only player in NBA history to accumulate 20000 points in his career while averaging fewer than 15.0 ppg?

Robert Parish 23,334 points 14.5 ppg

What is the average points per game that a NBA team scores per game?

The NBA averages 99.9 PPG per team so far for the 2008-2009 season. For the 2007-2008 season the average PPG per team was 99.03.

Who has the highest career average of points scored per game in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant with 31.2 ppg

Who in then NBA has the most PPG?

LeBron James does at the moment. As of now he is averaging 29 points per game.

What is the definition of PPG?

It used to mean Pittsburgh Plate Glass, but they've changed their name to PPG Industries. Also it can mean Power Puff Girls.

What was Nat Clifton's average ppg?

In eight NBA seasons, Nat Clifton averaged 10.0 points per game. His best season was the 1954-55 season when he averaged 13.1 PPG.

Who had the Highest career scoring average in the NBA history?

Wilt Chamberlain has the highest season average of 50.4 ppg

What was Magic Johnson's ppg in his career?

Magic Johnson's career points per game average in the NBA was 19.5.

Who was 2nd in scoring 30.7 ppg in the 1987-88 NBA season playing for the Atlanta Hawks?

Dominique Wilkins

Who was 14th in scoring 21.1 ppg in the 1995-96 NBA season playing for the Indiana Pacers?

Reggie Miller

Who was 20th in scoring 19.9 ppg in the 1992-93 NBA season playing for the Orlando Magic?

Nick Anderson

Who was 17th in scoring 18.9 ppg in the 1998-99 NBA season playing for the Houston Rockets?

Hakeem Olajuwon.

Who was 16th in scoring in the 1994-95 NBA season a Seattle SuperSonic averaging 20.6 ppg?

Gary Payton

Who was 3rd in scoring 29.8 ppg in the 1985-86 NBA season playing for the Denver Nuggets?

Alex English