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points per game

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Q: What does ppg average stand for in basketball?
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What is the average ppg for a seventh grade basketball player?

about 10 points

Who was the 1970 Iowa basketball player who average 27.9 ppg?

Fred couples

What does ppg mean in NBA?

ppg = Power Play Goal nba = National Basketball Assoication

What does PPG stand for?

Pacific Proving Grounds

What does PPG mean in basketball stats?

Points per game

What other numbers did lebron James want to be?

lebron will average 51.8 ppg and kobe will average 5.6 ppg

What does PPG in an ingredient list stand for?

Polypropylene glycol

What does PAPG stand for in basketball?

Points Average Point Game

Who is Pitt basketball's 2011 leading scorer?

Ashton Gibbs with 16.3 ppg

Who had the highest PPG in the NBA in 2001?

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs with a PPG average of 25.5

What team holds the record for the most points scored in a Division One NCAA basketball tournament?

Most points was Glen Rice of Michigan in 1989 with 184 points (30.7 ppg). Highest average ppg was Austin Carr of Notre Dame in 1970 with 158 points in three games (52.7 ppg).

How do you calculate PPG in basketball?

The total number of points throughout the season is divided by the number of games played, to give the points-per-game or PPG.

What does 'ppg' mean in basketball?

I believe it means points per game. points per game

What individual led the nation in ppg for men's ncaa basketball this season?

Virginia Military Institute

Who is leading scorer in NCAA basketball tournament 2011?

Jimmer Fredette. BYU. 26.7 PPG

What does PPG mean in basketball?

I believe it means points per game. points per game

Who was on the Iowa hawkeye basketball team for 1969-70?

The two big names on the 1969 - 70 Iowa Hawkeyes were John Johnson and "Downtown" Freddy Brown. Johnson was a Senior and Brown a Junior. Chad Calabria was second in scoring behind Johnson that year. Top Scorers: John Johnson 27.9 ppg., Chad Calabria 19.1 ppg., Fred Brown 17.9 ppg., Glenn Vidnovic 17.3 ppg., Ben McGilmer 10.3 ppg., Dick Jensen 3.1 ppg., Omar Hazley 2.2 ppg. These names and statistics were taken from the Iowa Hawkeyes 1970 - 71 Basketball Guide and Record Book.

What is Michael Jordan's ppg average?

30.1 points per game

Michael Jordan scoring average at North Carolina?

17.7 ppg

How much points a game did Michael Jordan average?

30.1 ppg

Who are the top ten scoring averages in a season in college basketball history?

1968-Pete Maravich, LSU: 43.8 ppg 1969-Pete Maravich, LSU: 44.2 ppg 1970-Pete Maravich, LSU: 44.5 ppg 1954-Frank Selvy, Furman: 41.7 ppg 1971-Johnny Neumann, Mississippi:40.1 ppg 1962-Billy McGill, Utah: 38.8 ppg 1977-Freeman Williams, Portland State: 38.8 ppg 1968-Calvin Murphy, Niagara: 38.2 ppg 1970-Austin Carr, Notre Dame: 38.2 ppg 1971- Austin Carr, Notre Dame: 38.0 ppg 1991- Kevin Bradshaw, US International: 37.6 ppg 1965- Rick Barry, Miami (Fla): 37.4 ppg

Who had the best PPG average in the an NBA season?

Wilt Chamberlain during the 1961-62 season with the San Francisco Warriors; he averaged 50.4 PPG

What is the highest points per game in a college basketball season?

44.5 ppg by Pete Maravich for LSU in 1970.

How many points did Michael Jordan average when he played with the wizards?

20+ ppg

How many points did Wilt Chamberlain average his rookie year?

37.6 ppg