What does opposing team mean?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What does opposing team mean?
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What does rebal mean?

Opposing team or side

What does the visitors mean in baseball?

The team that travels to the opposing home team stadium.

What does opposition mean in football?

It means the other team, or whom you are opposing.

What is roof mean in volleyball?

Roof is usually a cheer yelled by a team when they successfully block the opposing team.

What does it mean in football when you keep possession?

keeping possesion is that your team has the ball and has it under control ==================================================== Possession of the ball is of critical importance in a football game. A team can lose possession of the ball through a fumble recovered by the opposing team, a pass intercepted by the opposing team, by punting the ball to the opposing team, or by failing to advance the ball ten yards in three plays from scrimmage. Keeping possession occurs, for example, when a team recovers its own fumble, when a pass originally ruled an interception is overruled on a replay, when a penalty against the opposing team nullifies a turnover, etc.

What is A noun for what tries to stop an opposing team's offense?

A noun for something to stop an opposing team's offense is the defense.

What does it mean too be grounded out in baseball?

It means to hit a ground ball and the get thrown out at first base by the opposing team.

What does receiving a soccer ball mean?

It just means that you get the ball whether from a pass from a teammate or you take it from the opposing team.

Where is goal defense allowed in netball?

the goal defence is allowed in the goal circle for the opposing team, the goal third for the opposing team and the centre third

What does Steaktacular mean in Halo 3?

A Steaktacular is a medal you are awarded if you beat the opposing team by 20 points or more in a game of Slayer.

What happens when a team serves out of order?

A poit and the serve is awarded to the opposing team.

Which part of a debate does one team question the opposing team?