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One line is usually a negative reading. You are not pregnant.

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Q: What does one blue line mean?
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What appears on a quickvue pregnancy test when it is positive?

I don't know the blue line and the pink line mean? I don't know the blue line and the pink line mean?

What does a blue line mean on a quickview pregnancy test?

It is the control line. Meaning that the test is valid. If there is no line that means the test is bad so use another. If the blue line shows it means the test is good. The blue line DOES NOT mean you are pregnant.

What does two dark line and light line on a clear blue pregnancy test mean?

2 lines pregnant; one not.

What does half a blue line mean on the QuickVue pegnancy test?

no your not pregnant if you have a half blue line

One blue line on a hospital pregnancy test?

One blue line on a hospital pregnancy test means the test is negative. A negative test or one blue line represents as not pregnant.

You took a pregnancy test the results were one faint blue line and one dark blue line does this mean you are pregnant?

You could be or you could be and are loosing the pregnancy. Wait a week or two and retest to see what it tells you.

What does the one blue line mean in a ept digital test if you took it apart?

Goodness knows

What does a blue line mean on a IMIA hcg easy test?

One blue line means negative. Two blue lines means positive. No lines take a new test.

What does a blue line mean on a map?

Usually, on a map, anything that is blue represents water. A blue line represents a river, stream, or canal.

On a map what does a blue line mean?

A blue line on a map normally indicates a river, canal or other waterway.

What does one blue line on a hospital pregnancy test mean?

Usually a single line indicates a negative result and two lines means positive.

What does blue line mean in football game?

The blue line is the line of scrimmage, or where the offense started the play from. Conversely, the yellow/orange line is where they need to get to for a first down.

You had one line what does that mean?

One line is in reference to a line of cocaine.

You bought a pregnancy test from safe way and one blue line appeared does that mean im pregnant?

one line only is negative.. 2 is positive (doesn't matter if lines are faint)

What does a blue wavy line on a map mean?

lakes probably

What does a blue line on a map mean?

It usually stands for a river

What does the blue flag with a yellow horizontal line mean?


What do the blue land survey markers mean?

Boundary line

What logo is a blue s and a red line underneath?

The Tesco logo is one logo with a blue S and a red line underneath.

What does it mean when you have a faint blue line and a dark blue line on a pregnancy test?

It means your pregnant

What does a really faint blue negative line mean on an ept?

your pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does a blue line mean im pregnant?

Maybe. If that was what the test showed.

In hockey you are offsides over what line?

the blue line the blue line

What does the blue line mean on an rite aid early pregnancy test?

it means that youre pregnant. no line is "not pregnant"

What does a wavy blue line on a map usually mean?

It usually means water.