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Q: What does off peak mean for ice skating?
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How do you practice ice skating off ice?

rollar blading

What is the only jump in ice skating where skaters take off while skating forward?


Is friction useful when ice skating?

no people get flicked off

What training is required for figure skating?

you should practice skating many times a week. off ice ballet and conditioning classes are helpful, as are on and off ice clinics. Hope this helped!

How does ice temperature affect ice skating?

because ice is cold so it whares off and the ice skaters sometimes get cold

What does off peak mean in a swimming pool?

Off peak would probably be referred to the time that the pool was used the least - - - fall to spring or the winter months would be off peak.

Ice skating party outfit if you are a skater and host?

I would get a pretty dress like your favorite color then kinda of show off im mean it is your party lol!:)

What does an official take off points for in Ice skating?

falls, doing the moves wrong and things like that...

How do you control ice skating pokemon soul silver version?

You can't. You have to push off of the wall or rocks.

How do you do a backwards teapot in ice skating?

Skate backwards in a straight line. Lift one leg off the ice and extend it in front of you. Start to bend your skating leg reaching forwards with your arms and slowly lower yourself down.

What is ice skating?

Ice skating is a vary hard sport. It is a sport that is combind with lot of other sports like ballat because you have to be vary gracefull and flexable And football because you have to really fast and strong! And other stuff........... ice skating or figure ice skating is to show your flexibility and how well you can dance and show off your moves. ice skating is when you put on skates with blades on and you glide around on the ice. if you get into it competitively (like i do) you have to do spins, jumps, moves, and many other things that require balance and concentration. sometimes, in the jumps you rotate more than one rotation, like a double loop.

What do you need to ice skating?

As you progress in skating you need a lot of things. But to start, skates, guards, flexible clothing, gloves, and a rag to wipe off your skates is all it takes.

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