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On 1876 February 2, a group of professional Baseball teams decided to organize themselves a league, in order to have regular schedules for games. Because they wanted to emphasize that they were not just from one region of the U.S., they called themselves the "National League." The name has stuck since.

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Q: What does national league in baseball mean?
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The Chicago Cubs play in the National Baseball League as opposed to American Baseball League?


Are National League baseball games shorter then American League baseball games.?

No, Both American and National league baseball games are 9 innings long

Who won the most baseball national league championships?

South Korea mostly win the national baseball league championship

When was the National League for baseball organized?

The first year of play for the National League was 1876.

How are the National League and American League in baseball determined?


What are the baseball leagues called?

The American League and the National League

What does it mean to win a pennant?

To win the National League or the American League Championship in major league baseball. The two pennant winners face off in the World Series

How many baseball terms are in the American baseball league?

There are 16 teams in the American League 14 in the National League

Why would the 1956 Yankees team sign a national league ball?

The baseball could have been signed for a fan that only had a National League baseball on hand. The baseball could have also been signed during a World Series at a National League park where National League baseballs are the only baseballs available.

When was National Colored baseball League created?

National Colored Base Ball League was created in 1887.

When did National Colored baseball League end?

National Colored Base Ball League ended in 1887.

Who are the Pittsburgh Pirates?

an major league baseball team in the national league