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the sign - is the sign for minus. on stats, it will read +/- which stand for plus-minus. you get a plus every time ur on the ice when ur team scores a goal. you get a minus when ur on the ice and the opposition scores

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Q: What does mean in hockey?
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Canada hockey team what does it mean?

Canada hockey team means it is a Canadian hockey team.

What does le hockey sur gazon mean?

le hockey sur gazon is lawn hockey

In hockey what does cradle mean?

"Carring" the puck in the hockey stick

What does 'not dead' mean in field hockey?

It means nothing in field hockey.

What does PP mean in hockey?

In hockey statistics, the PP stands for Power Play.

What does EAG mean in hockey?

EAG is an extra attacker goal in ice hockey.

What does hockey moms mean?

When you are a hockey mom you have a son or daughter in hockey and you cheer on your child. A hockey mom sometimes laces their kids skates and help them put on their gear.

Is hockey in the Olympics in Beijing 2008?

If you mean turf hockey then yes it is in the 2008 Olympics

What does first star in hockey mean?

It means who the officials in hockey think played the best.

What is field hockey on ice?

Well, by field hockey I think you mean hockey games that are done on the ground like field hockey, street hockey,ect. It is called ice hockey. *Field hockey and ice hockey are completely different rulebases. As the first answer pretty much describes, it is simply called "field hockey on ice", like it is called "field hockey on grass", "on turf", "on concrete", etc.

What does IPSC mean in hockey?

it mean different type of shootin

In hockey what does P mean?


What does gv mean in hockey?


What does OT in hockey mean?


What does SL mean in hockey standings?

Shootout Loss

What does S mean in hockey stats?

Shots signed Hockey man

What is quarter in hockey?

I play hockey and if you mean by time then there aren't quarters the game is split up into three periods.

What does elbowing in hockey mean?

Elbowing in hockey is when you hit somebody so hard u pop their elbow out of place

Hockey is how much?

Do you mean the cost to play?

How Hockey Helps What if your Body?

what dose that mean

What does G mean in hockey?

It means goal

What does GS mean in hockey?


What does GW mean in hockey?

games won

What does asterisk mean in hockey scoring?

There is no such thing

How is ice time in hockey?

Do you mean what is ice time in hockey? If so, ice time in hockey is the amount of time a player is actually on the ice, not the bench. This is used for stats and comparison.