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Q: What does lifting the ball off the ground mean in field hockey?
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Do they use pucks in field hockey?

No. In field hockey a ball is used; pucks would not move along the ground.

What is the aerial ball in field hockey?

An aerial ball is when the ball goes into the air (a couple of feet off teh ground).

Who lifted the ball off the ground in field hockey?

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How many dints are there in a field hockey ball?

There are 412 dints in an official hockey ball according to the field hockey rule book.

Name five common reasons for a foul in field hockey?

obstruction,kicking the ball, lifting it in the air, high stick, dangerous swing

Speed of a field hockey ball?

In field hockey, if you hit correctly, the ball can reach speeds of up to 100 MPH!

How do you hit a puck in a field hockey game?

You don't. Field hockey uses a ball.

Can you steal the ball in field hockey?


Why are field hockey fields flat?

Field Hockey Field are flat to ensure that the ball can not roll in any direction unless it is moved by the players and to make it safe for players. if the ground was uneven it would be dangerous for the players to hit the ball incase the ball hit a bump in the grass or astroturf and was lifted into the air and hit a player.

What is the difference between floor hockey and field hockey?

Floor hockey is played with hockey sticks and either a ball or puck on hard, flat, floor. Field hockey, on the other hand, is mainly played by girls. It consists of using a wooden curved field hockey stick and is played with a hard ball in a grassy field.

What is a sweep pass in field hockey?

it's when your stick is flat on the ground and you are "sweeping" the ball to your teammate. It's another kind of pass.

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