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Q: What does jujitsu do karate mean?
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Is shotokan karate and jujitsu karate related?

there are no such things as jujitsu karate

What is the difference between jujitsu and karate?

Karate is predominantly a striking art. Jujitsu focuses more on grappling. Neither art does one to the exclusion of the other. Karate practitioners also learn grappling moves and Jujitsu practitioners also learn striking.

Is jujitsu better than karate?


What is a better self-defense activity boxing jujitsu or karate?

jujitsu you have to do more than just throwing punches.

Was Barbara Eden a karate backbelt?

Her Black Belt is in Judo and she also studied Jujitsu and Karate.

What kind of martial arts are in japan?

Karate , Kendo , jujitsu , Judo , many kinds.

What is the combination of Jujitsu and Karate?

The Wado ryu Karate style mixes the two about 70:30 to karate but I'm not sure that is what your looking for. Are you looking for a specific style or anything that combines the two?

What does jujitsu mean?

Jujitsu means, "the art of softness."

How did Canada prepare its force for the war?

They did a lots of training. they learned karate, jujitsu, ninjutsu and sword training.....Just kidding

Is Brazilian jujitsu the same as karate?

While they are both martial arts and subscribe to many of the same philosophies, they differ in their primary focus. Karate focus is on striking and hitting. Ju jitsu concentrates on grappling.

What is the best fighting style to use?

Jujitsu is the best fighting style to use. Coming in second and third place are karate and boxing.

What is the difference between judo aikido and karate?

They are all martial arts and require dedication to learn. Aikido is a grappling art and karate is a striking art. Judo is a sport developed from jujitsu and also focuses on grappling.

How much more lethal is jujitsu than regular karate?

It is not a matter of style. The key is the application of the techniques. It is more the individual practitioner than it is the style.

What is more deadly karate or judo?

While both of them are quite effective martial arts, karate is by its nature more deadly. Judo was derived from Jujitsu. It was designed to be a sport and used in competition. As such it was intended to be 'safe' to the practitioners and not deadly. Karate was never intended for competition, but is designed to be effective and take the opponent out of action.

Where jujitsu come from?

traditional jujitsu from japan and Brazilian jujitsu from Brazil

How many belts are there in jujitsu?

In Brazilian Jujitsu usually 5 in Japanese Jujitsu that i do we have 7 belts.

Popular martial arts?

*taijutsu *Karate *ninjutsu *jujitsu *Kick boxing * muy tai

What comes after a orange belt?

It depends on which martial art you are studying.In Judo, Karate, Akido, and Jujitsu, green follows orange. In Tai Chi, purple follows and in Shotokan, yellow follows.

What country does jujitsu come from?

Jujitsu comes from japan

What kinds of martial arts are there?

Kung-Fu Jujitsu Akido Karate Wing Chun And lots more!

What is the martial art that begin in japan called?

There are many martial arts that originated in Japan. Judo, Aikido, JuJitsu, Sumo and Iaido are some of them. Karate originated in Okinawa, which is now considered a part of Japan.

What is the difference between Japanese jujitsu and Brazilian jujitsu?

There are two main differences between Japanese Jujitsu and Brazilian Jujitsu. Japanese Jujitsu uses standing locks, strikes, take downs and ground techniques. Brazilian Jujitsu leans more toward take downs and ground techniques. Both are effective means of defense and both can cause serious injury. Brazilian Jujitsu as with many other martial arts evolved from Japanese Jujitsu.

What country did jujitsu begin?

Jujitsu first originated in the country Japan.

Why did the gracie family make jujitsu?

The gracie family did not invent Jujitsu they teach it for money. Jujitsu was invented in Japan around 5000 years ago.

What does 'mawatte' mean in karate?

Mawatte means to turn in Karate.