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Karate comes from a place named Okinawa, which is now a part of Japan, though it wasn't when it was first developed.

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Q: Does karate come from the Japanese?
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What language does the word karate come from?

The word karate is from the Japanese language.

What language did the word karate come from?

Okinawa **************************** The language is Japanese.

What is karate is it jaanese or russian?

karate is Japanese

Is karate Japanese or chinease?

Karate is Japanese, is important in Japanease culture. If you are in karate or know it you would notice that most of the katas are japanese names.

What are facts about Japanese karate?

Japanese karate was created based on Okinawa karate. It came to Japan in the 1930's.

How do you say karate in Japanese?

i think karate is a Japanese word it means empty handed.

What is a karate belt called in Japanese?

a belt or a karate belt in Japanese is called obi

Do Japanese people do Karate?

Karate originated in Japan, therefore, it is reasonable to think that Japanese people would practice Karate.

How do you say karate school in Japanese?

Karate dojo.

What is a fun fact for karate?

Karate is a Japanese word.

How do you spell karate student in Japanese?

Karate student translates to 空手の生徒 (karate no seito) in Japanese.

How do you say Karate Kid in Japanese?

Karate is a Japanese world, so it would be said the same way. The Japanese word for child is kodomo.

Is karate a European word?

No. It is Japanese.

Karate is what language?

"Karate" - it is Japanese and means "Open Hand" or "Empty Hand".

What antonyms does the word karate have?

Karate literally means empty hand in Japanese.

many students practice this Japanese form of self defense?


How did Japanese Karate begin?

Japanese karate was a branch of Okinawa karate. Gichen Funikoshi came to Japan in the 1930's to demonstrate the art. He remained for the rest of his life to teach what is now known as Shodokan Karate.

How do you write karate in Japanese?


What is the Japanese term for karate school?


How do you count numbers in karate?

It is counted in Japanese

What country did karate start in?

Karate started in Japan. In Japanese it means 'empty hand'

What do you call an uke in karate?

Karate blocks are called uke in Japanese. We pronounce it as "ooke"

What are karate uniforms called?

In Karate, we mainly use Japanese words. Hence Karate Uniforms is called Gi (Gee)

What Japanese sports have origins on the past?

kendo and karate

What is karate belt called in Japanese?

It is called an obi