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going pro in soccer depends alot on where you live i think that in Europe going pro is most difficult because its the highest game over there ,but going pro altogether is hard but through dedication and hard work i think its very possible

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A head set on winning, teamwork, hardwork and knowing everything their is to know about your sport!!!

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Q: What does it really take to go pro in sports?
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What percent of college athletes go pro in something other than sports?

98.7% don't go onto professional sports.

Can a person leave college ball go to pro sports and than return to college sports?

Nah ur fat mate

Is there a way be a pro without playing a sports game on Wii Sports?

No but if you fail, go out of the game by pressing the + button so your skill level doesn't go down.

How do you get 6innings in wii sports baseball?

you go to options and they offer you 3 , 6 , or 9 (if you become pro).

Do you have to go to college to an profecional player?

No you dont but some sports you have to get certain grades in your GCSE's or A Levels to become a pro athlete

What is PAO?

Pro Athletes Outreach is an organization of people from the world of business and sports that train professional athletes in the world of religion. Click on the 'Pro Athletes Outreach' link on this page to go to their website.

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Probably, as he was an astronaut and astronauts have to be really fit to go into space, so he probably played alot of sports. He was interested in sports.

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Once you become a pro inWii sports how do you unlock metal bat different tennis racket and extra golf courses?

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That shiney ball in Wii bowling is actually a privelege. If you are in the pro level on Wii bowling, then you will get the sparkles. If your pro level goes under the pro limit, then the sparkles go away. In other words, you have to earn the sparkle ball.

I'm 13 and want to start ballet but if I start this late is there no chance of a pro career later?

You never know- if you want to start a pro career, i would definently start it now. 13 isn't that bad. If you are really into it, and really work hard, you could get a job as a pro. Go for it!!!