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3 base runners on 3 bases

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Q: What does it mean when the bases are loaded in baseball?
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What does the term the bags are juiced mean?

in baseball, it means that the bases are loaded.

Why did they call baseball baseball?

It was probably because of the loaded bases. Baseball is the only important sport with bases loaded and running to and away from the bases. Also, the ball is called the baseball.

What does loaded bases in softball mean?

bases loaded means that there is a runner on 1st base, a runner on 2nd base, and a runner on 3rd base, all of the bases.

What is an Out of the Park in baseball?

It's a homerun... unless the bases are loaded, then it's a grand slam.

There are 2 baseball teams playing each other the bases are loaded and the batter hits a grand slam yet not a single man scores how is this possible?

All-American GirlsThe bases were loaded with women. A Women's baseball team.

If the bases are loaded with 1 out does ever body have to run?

Yes, because the bases are loaded!

Is a baseball player credited with a RBI if he is walked with bases loaded?

Yes, the player is credited with a RBI.

What does TB mean in baseball?

Total Bases

Do you get an RBI on a bases loaded walk?

Yes, the batter that walks in a run due to the bases being loaded will receive credit for a RBI.

If baseball game is in extra innings with the bases loaded and a home run is hit what is the score?

One team is 4 ahead

Bases loaded I get walked Is that an RBI?


What does tb mean in baseball stats?

Total Bases.

What does Sb mean on baseball stats?

Stolen bases.

What has the author Sean-Michael written?

Sean-Michael has written: 'Bases loaded' -- subject(s): Fiction, Gay men, Baseball stories 'Bases loaded' -- subject(s): Fiction, Gay men, Baseball stories 'Between friends' -- subject(s): Fiction, Bondage (Sexual behavior), Gay men

What is a home run with the bases loaded?

grand slam

What is a home run with bases loaded?

Grand Slam

What does TB mean in baseball hitting stats?

Total Bases.

What does s in baseball mean?

bases and the balls they play with lol

What does closed bases mean in youth baseball?

Not only in youth baseball but in all levels of baseball, a closed base means that the next base that a base runner needs to get to has a runner already on the bag. E.G.: There's a runner on first and second, so a ground ball will force a throw from second base to first base considering that those bases are "closed" with base runners. In a bases loaded situation, all bases are "closed" because all bases have a base runner and the batter is considered on home plate.

Does a batter get an RBI if the pitcher balks with bases loaded?


Who walked Mariano Rivera with bases loaded?


What is a slang for a homerun?

HomerRound TripGrand Slam if the bases are loaded

What has the author Kirk Radomski written?

Kirk Radomski has written: 'Bases loaded' -- subject(s): Baseball players, Baseball, Doping in sports, Drug use, Corrupt practices, Biography

What is it called when you hit a home run and there are runners on all the bases and you score four points?

A bases loaded home run is called a grand slam. Also, scores in baseball are called runs, not points.

Who has the highest career batting average with the bases loaded?

Ichiro! NOT! Pat Tabler was 43 for 88 with the bases loaded, a .489 average. Ichiro was only at .403 as of 06/20/2013