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A waiver is a temporary status for players who are released by their team. A player released between August 15th and the end of the regular season stays on waivers for 48 hours. A player released at any other time stays on waivers for 10 days. During the waiver period other teams may claim a waived player. If more than one team tries to claim the player, the team with the worst record gets him. If a player on waivers is claimed, the new team acquires his existing contract and pays the remainder of his salary. There is also a fee of $1,000, payable to the league office, for claiming a waived player.

A team can claim a waived player only if one of the following is true:

  • The team is far enough under the salary cap to fit the player's entire salary.
  • The team has a disabled player exception for at least the player's salary.
  • The team has a trade exception for at least the player's salary.

The player's contract is for one or two seasons and he is paid the minimum salary. If no team claims a waived player, he is said to have "cleared waivers." The player may sign with the team of his choice at that point. The player's new team only pays the pro-rated minimum salary to the player. The player's original team continues to pay the balance of the player's salary. For this reason, few players are actually claimed while on waivers.

If a player is waived after March 1, he is ineligible to be included in the playoff roster of any team that signs him for the remainder of that season.

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Q: What does it mean when an NBA player is 'waived'?
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Can a second round NBA draft choice who is waived sign with another NBA team?

Yes, he can. Any player that is waived can sign with another team (unless certain time restrictions apply, in which the player may need to wait a month before signing with his former team).

What does it mean when an NBA player is signed?

it means that they're in NBA basketball

What does it mean when a NFL player is waived injured?

'Waived injured' means the team is releasing the player but the player is injured. The team is responsible to pay the player until his injury has healed. This is usually done by reaching an agreement for a specific amount of money, called an injury settlement. Other teams are allowed to pick up players on the waived injured list but they are forewarned that the player is not in condition to play. Sometimes, if a player on the waived injured list is not selected by another team, the team will retain the player and place him on its injured reserve list.

When an NFL player is waived what happens to his contract with the team that waived him?

Once an NFL player is waived, their contract becomes dead money in their salary cap. It means they lose that money for the rest of the contract and can't spend it on another player.

What does it mean when a NFL player is waived?

This means the player was cut from the team. The player is placed on the 'waiver wire' and the other teams in the league are allowed to claim him for their team.

What is NBA finals mvp mean?

It means Most Valueable Player of the NBA Finals

How much does an NFL waived player get paid?

they receive 50%

Who is the player on the NBA sign?

The NBA player on the NBA logo is Jerry West.

Did a 2009-2010 duke basketball player enter the 2010 nba draft?

Brian Zoubek and Jon Scheyer both entered the NBA draft in 2010 after winning the NCAA Championship for Duke. However neither were selected. Scheyer was on the LA Clippers training camp roster before getting waived. Zoubek was signed by the New Jersey Nets before getting waived before the start of the season.

Who gets the waived player in the NFL?

when a player is waived there is a period about 24 to 48 where any team can claim him and pays the remainder of his contract. So to answer your question. Anyone except the team that waives him.

Who puts the football player on the waived or injured list?

The Head Coach

Does an NFL waived player get paid?

yes they still get all their money

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