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This, in the most basic sense, means to do a proper strike (fast, powerful, accurate) to one of the various pressure points on the body of the opponent. It also means to teach self-discipline and a new way of looking at conflict.

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Q: What does it mean to focus a Karate technique?
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How do you do 2 combination in karate?

You do one technique, and then another.

What does focus mean in karate?

It can be interpreted in two ways. Focus can be the ability to place all of one's power and force into a very small area. It can also mean the concentration to learn and progress in the art.

What is the best kata to do in a karate tournament goju Kai?

super rimpei. It is the highest goju ryu kata The one that you do the best! Technique, focus and power are more important than the specific kata you do.

What is the focus of Shotokan karate?

hit your opponent before they hit you

Is Brazilian jujitsu the same as karate?

While they are both martial arts and subscribe to many of the same philosophies, they differ in their primary focus. Karate focus is on striking and hitting. Ju jitsu concentrates on grappling.

What has the author Wm Bruce Abbott written?

Wm. Bruce Abbott has written: 'Impact characteristics of the karate strike and thrust technique' -- subject(s): Karate

Does gymnastics help in karate?

I would say it does because both sports focus on flexibility and strength and by doing gymnastics it will make karate easier.

Is karate good for girls?

Karate is very good for girls. Some of my best students are girls. They have good focus and learn well.

What does 'mawatte' mean in karate?

Mawatte means to turn in Karate.

What areas of the body does the Cunningham technique focus on?

The spine.

Is there a such thing as a jutsu?

There are many Jutsu styles. There is tai jutsu but majic is not real. JuJutsu Aki-Jutsu Karate Jutsu Jutsu means technique, an art of technique

How do we say 'right' in Karate?

If you mean the direction 'right', we call it migi in karate.