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It means to roll them up & tie them to the spars (or yardarms, as the case may be).

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Q: What does it mean to Furl the sails of a ship?
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What is a sentence using furl?

The word "furl" means gather up (usually into a roll), applied to fabric items such as flags and sails, and sometimes to umbrellas. Example : "Once in port, the sailors could furl their sails and tie up at the dock." Example : "To avoid identification by the enemy, the captain would furl his flag."

What is the duration of And the Ship Sails On?

The duration of And the Ship Sails On is 2.2 hours.

When was And the Ship Sails On created?

And the Ship Sails On was created on 1983-09-07.

What does caravel mean in a simple definition?

a ship with triangular sails that allowed it to sail into the wind and with square sails that carried it forward when the wind was at it's back.

What is A ship with square and triangular sails?

"Square-riggers" have primarily square sails, but the jib sails are triangular.

Does a captain sail a ship or drive it?

He sails the ship

What is the name of the Structure on a ship that holds the sails?

They sails are attached to the masts of the ship. The mast is a pole that runs straight up or angled up out of the deck of the ship.

How do you say sailer in spanish?

If you mean "sailor" (a person who sails) in English, it is "marinero" in Spanish. If you really mean "sailer," a less common English word for a ship with sails, it is "velero."

Where are the main sails on a ship called?

There are three to four sails on a ship. The main sail is called the main course. Sailing can be complicated at first, but once who get the hang of where all the sails are, it will be easier.

Why do a ship needs sails?

They do because before ships had motors to make them move in the water. With the sails the wind would push the ship.

What is it called a ship with triangular sails?

Sloops, ketches, and yawls have triangular-shaped sails.

What part of a ship is the constellation vela?

It's the shape of a ship's sails.

What did Sebastian Vizcaino's ship look like?

It has about 7 sails at ship.

A ship with square and triangular sails?


What is the ship with square and triangular sails?


What is the name of a person who sails ship?


What were the viking ship sails made of?


How many sails can a viking ship have?


What do you call a man who sails a ship?

A sailor

What is the definition of mast for ship?

An upright pole on a ship to support sails or antennae.

What is the purpose of ropes and sails?

to hold up the sails, and to help steer the ship. its called rigging, by the way...

What can be sentence for the word furl?

the furl is awesome

When did Furl end?

Furl ended in 2009.

When was Furl created?

Furl was created in 2003.

How do you define a ship?

A ship is a large vehicle with a mast and sails built for transportation in water.

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