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Hitting the green in regulation means your ball is on the green ( not the fringe or rough) In the number of strokes that allows you to two - putt for par . One on a par 5 that's 3 strokes ,on par 4 it is 2 strokes and on par 3 it is 1 stroke

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Q: What does hitting a green mean in golf?
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What is designed for hitting a golf ball shorter distances on the green?


What is the grass around the green in golf?

It is usually called Greens. heard of the phrase "I'm hitting the greens today" it means he's playing golf today.

How do golf balls get around?

by hitting it with a golf club

In regulation golf?

'Regulation' has different meanings in golf. Par is considered regulation. Hitting the fairway off the tee on a par 4 or 5 is considered a fairway in regulation (FIR) and hitting the green off the tee on a par 3, or hitting the green on a par 4 with your second shot, or hitting the green on a par 5 with your third shot is considered a green in regulation (GIR). The best way to think about regulation and par is that you should always get 2 puts to get par on a hole. Therefore if you are on the green in 2 on a par 4, you can put 2 times to make par and therefore were on the green in regulation.

What does golfers never diet they just exist on greens mean?

It is just a wee golf joke, clearly hilarious. The green is where players make their money, you hit the green and make the putt. Hitting more greens should mean less strokes, unless you are a horrendous putter.

What does through the green mean in golf?

Through the green refers to all areas of a golf course, except the greens, teeing grounds and hazards.

Is the act of hitting a golf ball into the hole?


Sports that involve hitting a ball in a hole?


What is the act of hitting a golf ball into the hole?

Holing out.

What does up and down mean in golf?

Getting up and down in golf means scrambling for a par after missing a green in regulation.

Who is liable for hitting a windshield with golf ball?

The person who threw or hit the golf-ball into the windshield

The longest hitting driver sold in golf?

There is really no specific answer for this question since all the major golf manufacturers claim they make the longest hitting driver anyway.

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