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The stripe was most likely a decoration or something else. In tae kwon do there can be a green belt with a blue stripe but not a black one. the belts go. White, white-yellow, yellow, yellow-green, green, green-blue, blue, blue-red, red, red-black, Black, there are 10 dans (degree's) of the black belt.

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Q: What does green belt with black stripe mean in tae kwon do?
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What are the coloured belts in Tae Kwon Do?

In WTF the belt system is as follows: White, white with yellow stripe, yellow, yellow with green stripe, green, green with blue stripe, blue, blue with red stripe, red, red with black stripe, black. There are 10 levels of black belt.

Is tae kwon do fun?

Yes especcially when you get to weaponsPartially, i am a Black belt double gold stripe and my opinion is that it is boring until you are at least green belt

How many ranks does Tae Kwon Do has?

It depends where you take it. My school it goes White Yellow Stripe Yellow Orange Stripe Orange Green Stripe Green Blue Stripe Blue Red Stripe Red Black Stripe White Stripe Black

What is the highest degree black belt in tae kwon do?

The highest black belt degree in tae kwon do is the 10th degree black belt. This is reserved for the founder or president of the tae kwon do association.

What are the belt meanings in tae kwon do?

White Belt (10th Kup) - White signifies the innocence of the beginner and his ignorance of Taekwondo.White Belt with Yellow Stripe (9th Kup)Yellow Belt (8th Kup) - Yellow represents the earth, from where a plant takes root and sprouts as the foundations of Taekwondo are laid.Yellow Belt with Green Stripe (7th Kup)Green Belt (6th Kup) - Green signifies the plant itself as, like a plant, the student's Taekwondo skills continue to grow.Green Belt with Blue Stripe (5th Kup)Blue Belt (4th Kup) - Blue represents the heavens above, the divine direction in which the plant is growing.Blue Belt with Red Stripe (3rd Kup)Red Belt (2nd Kup) - Red signifies danger, warning the student of his own capability for damage and other students of his skill.Red Belt with Black Stripe (1st Kup)

What is the meaning of all black stripes on a Tae Kwon Do belt?

Stripes on belt mean different things at different schools. At my school, students earn a black stripe each week that they display a positive attitude at home. Theses stripes are stickers which are applied across the end of the belt. Students must earn seven stripes in twelve weeks in order to test at the end of each quarter. I have seen other belts from other schools with a black stripe that runs all the way along the entire length of the belt. These are made of cloth and attached to the belt with stitching. These stripes indicate that the student has advanced half way towards the next belt. For example, a green belt with a black stripe would mean that the student was half way between a green belt and a blue belt. His rank is referred to as high green.

What is the meaning of the orange belt in Tae Kwon Do?

There is no orange belt in Taekwondo.. White belt Yellow tag - Yellow belt Green tag - Green belt Blue tag - Blue belt Red tag - Red belt Black tag - Black belt Then following to Dan grades Is the ranking system

What are the different grades in Tae Kwon Do?

well, in my tae kwon-do club, it is this..... white belt white belt yellow tag yellow belt yellow belt green tag green belt green belt blue tag blue belt blue belt red tag (my current grade) red belt red belt black tag black belt 1st dan 2nd dan 3rd dan 4th dan 5th dan 6th dan 7th dan 8th dan 9th dan

What is the meaning of the yellow belt in tae kwon-do?

the yellow belt is a rank after no belt, white, and white stripe. you learn new techniques, and must have a higher level of disipline.

What rank is Ryan O'Hara in Tae Kwon Do?

Black Belt

Is there a green belt in Tae Kwon Do?

yes there is a green belt in taekwondo, but for some clubs different ranking systems are used.

What are the belts of tae kwon do?

It depends on the school or Taekwondo organization. Chung do kwan is white , yellow , gold, orange, green, purple, blue, red, brown, brown/black stripe, then black

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