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You can throw a football in a regular spiral motion, underhand, or end over end.

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Q: What does football have to do with aerodynamics?
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A football's aerodynamics?

nno, it is not

What are the aerodynamics of a football?


What area of technology is the football in?


Why is a basketball bigger than a football?

The Football is smaller for aerodynamics. The Basketball is just for throwing around and shooting hoops.

What is the branch of aerodynamics?

internal aerodynamics and external aerodynamics. internal is related to flow of ducts and external to going away from the bodies.

How are aerodynamics tested?

aerodynamics can be tested by a wind tunnel

What are Aerodynamics of a catapult?

the aerodynamics is the stupid answer that no one knows

What has the author E L Houghton written?

E. L. Houghton has written: 'Further aerodynamics for engineering students' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics 'Further aerodynamics for engineering student' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics 'Aerodynamics for engineering students' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Airplanes, Design and construction

What are the reasons for lumps on top of ball?

In most cases, the bumps on a ball are used mainly for griping whether it be a basketball or a football. In few cases, bumps are used for aerodynamics.

What has the author Raymond W Prouty written?

Raymond W. Prouty has written: 'More helicopter aerodynamics' -- subject(s): Helicopters, Aerodynamics 'Practical helicopter aerodynamics' -- subject(s): Helicopters, Aerodynamics

What has the author Alfred Gessow written?

Alfred Gessow has written: 'Aerodynamics of the helicopter' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Helicopters 'A survey of computational aerodynamics in the United States' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Data processing

What factors stop humans running faster?

Weight and Aerodynamics Weight and Aerodynamics

What has the author R A W M Henkes written?

R. A. W. M. Henkes has written: 'Overview of stability and transition in external aerodynamics' -- subject(s): Unsteady flow (Aerodynamics), Boundary layer, Stability of airplanes, Aerodynamics 'Overview of Turbulence Models for External Aerodynamics (Series 01 - Aerodynamics , No 13)'

Automotive aerodynamics differ from aircraft aerodynamics?

from my point of view automotive aerodynamics deals with the air flow on the surface if the car and calculations of drag on its body. While aircraft aerodynamics deals with the Lift and Drag calculations of the aircraft during the flow of air on its body.

How does aerodynamics be used to reduce air resistance?

how can aerodynamics be used to reduce air redistence

Do hot air balloons have aerodynamics?

Yes, they do. Anything around which air ever moves has aerodynamics. It may not be crucial for you to know the aerodynamics of your mailbox, but in some regions it may be important.

What has the author Aga M Goodsell written?

Aga M. Goodsell has written: 'Transonic and supersonic Euler computations of vortex-dominated flow fields about a generic fighter' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Supersonic, Aerodynamics, Transonic, Supersonic Aerodynamics, Transonic Aerodynamics

What has the author Richard M Wood written?

Richard M. Wood has written: 'The natural flow wing-design concept' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Supersonic, Airplanes, Design and construction, Drag (Aerodynamics), Supersonic Aerodynamics, Triangular Wings, Wings, Wings, Triangular 'Influence of airfoil geometry on delta wing leading-edge vortices and vortex-induced aerodynamics at supersonic speeds' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Supersonic, Airplanes, Supersonic Aerodynamics, Triangular Wings, Wings, Triangular 'Study of lee-side flows over conically cambered delta wings at supersonic speeds' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics, Supersonic, Delta wing airplanes, Delta wings, Supersonic Aerodynamics, Supersonics

What has the author M G Kotik written?

M. G. Kotik has written: 'Kriticheskie rezhimy sverkhzvukovogo samoleta' -- subject(s): Spin (Aerodynamics), Stalling (Aerodynamics), Supersonic Aerodynamics 'Dinamika vzleta i posadki samoletov' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics

What does the shape of a car have to do with the amount of gas it uses?

aerodynamics. a car can save A LOT on gas if it has good aerodynamics.

How do aerodynamics affect car design?

The faster the car goes the thicker the eir gets, to cut/drive throught this thick air the car needs good aerodynamics. Ao aerodynamics are very important.

Does the air pressure affect the flight of a football and why?

Underinflation will result in less distance and accuracy. Overinfation will affect flight marginally, but makes it harder to catch. The reason is simply aerodynamics.

What has the author B W McCormick written?

B. W. McCormick has written: 'Aerodynamics of V/STOL flight' 'Aerodynamics, aeronautics and flight mechanics' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Airplanes

What are aerodynamics and how do they affect roller coaster speeds?

how the product (in this case the cart) is designed to achieve so it gets to the fastest speed and gets the greatest distance. the better the aerodynamics, the faster the rollercoaster will go and the worst the aerodynamics the slower it will go

What has the author Jim A Penland written?

Jim A Penland has written: 'Wall-temperature effects on the aerodynamics of a hydrogen-fueled transport concept in Mach 8 blowdown and shock tunnels' -- subject(s): Aerodynamics, Hypersonic, Boundary layer, Hypersonic Aerodynamics 'Low-speed aerodynamic characteristics of a lifting-body hypersonic research aircraft configuration' -- subject(s): Lift (Aerodynamics), Aerodynamics, Hypersonic planes, Air speed