What does follow through mean in soccer?

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"Follow through" means, in soccer, to just simply follow the ball, listen for instruction, or to keep it from the team you're playing against.

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Q: What does follow through mean in soccer?
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Why follow through in a soccer kick?

It makes the kick more powerful of you swing and follow through the ball will most likely go farther, if you kick it and don't follow through the ball will most likely roll slowly towards wherever you want it to go.

What dose follow through mean in archery?


What does follow-through mean in archery and why is it important?

follow through in archery means hold your stance for a few seconds after you release .

How do you curve the ball in soccer?

To curve a soccer ball you need to kick the ball on the right side towards the bottom of the ball. The follow through is judt as important. Kick the ball the follow through pulling your leg over the ball ur foot should touch ur left knee:)

How do you delete your soccer manager account?

You cannot delete or terminate your account, but SM can do it for you. Contact them through the support email and then follow the instructions provided by them.

What is tracking in soccer?

Tracking is when you follow the player to defend them

Why do you follow a soccer player?

well you can be his/her biggest fan.

What are qualities of a good soccer passing technique?

1. ankle locked 2. follow through 3. point your non kicking foot at your target

Is follow through hyphenated?

follow through

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Pele is a Christian.

What Scottish soccer club should you follow?

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