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It means who the officials in hockey think played the best.

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Q: What does first star in hockey mean?
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You just bought shoulder pads and there called first star is that for lacrosse hockey or football?

Definitly not for hockey but im thinking football

What is a 3 star player in hockey?

There is no such thing as a three star player in hockey you are probably referring to the three stars. After each game three players are chosen by media as the first, second and, third stars and they are the players of the game.

Who was the first black to play hockey?

It's impossible to know who the first black hockey player was!! However, if you mean the first to play in the NHL, it was Willie O'Ree of the Boston Bruins.

When was National Hockey League All-Star Game created?

National Hockey League All-Star Game was created in 1947.

What does first quarter mean?

The first quarter is the first part of a sporting event like football, basketball, and hockey. There are four quarters altogether. What does first quarter moon mean?

What is field hockey on ice?

Well, by field hockey I think you mean hockey games that are done on the ground like field hockey, street hockey,ect. It is called ice hockey. *Field hockey and ice hockey are completely different rulebases. As the first answer pretty much describes, it is simply called "field hockey on ice", like it is called "field hockey on grass", "on turf", "on concrete", etc.

When was field hockey first discovered?

When was field hockey first discovered

What movie did he first star in?

You did not specify who "he" is. Do you mean an actor of a Star Wars movie?

Who is a Canadian hockey star?

Wayne Gretzky

When was the first hockey stick invented?

The first hockey stick was invented in 1840.

When was hockey first played on ice?

the first ice hockey match was played in 1872.

What was Quebec's first hockey team?

The Quebec Nordiques was Quebec's first hockey team

Canada hockey team what does it mean?

Canada hockey team means it is a Canadian hockey team.

What does le hockey sur gazon mean?

le hockey sur gazon is lawn hockey

In hockey what does cradle mean?

"Carring" the puck in the hockey stick

What does the yellow star represent on the Nevada flag?

the star in the corner mean that it was the first state to ever put a star on their falg

Can you get into a hockey game in the third period?

If you mean enter a hockey game in the arena, then yes. why you dont want to see the first two periods is your choice

What does star star star mean?

STAR, as an acronym, used to mean "Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading." This meaning is no longer maintained, as the company has created STAR assessments for skills in domains other than reading. STAR Reading, the first STAR assessment, was originally just "STAR."

What the first hockey puck made of?

Some say that the first hockey pucks were made of wood and were square but i have a book that said the first hockey pucks were made of cow dung

Who made the first pair of hockey skates?

the first hockey skates were made by trevor radin

Who was the first hockey player to play hockey?

bob Jones

Where was the first hockey stick invented?

It's uncertain when the first hockey stick was invented since hockey variants have been played for thousands of years.

What was played first ice hockey or field hockey?

Hockey was historically not played on ice until around the invention of modern ice hockey. This was well after the creation of modern field hockey, which itself derived from earlier variations. In short: field hockey was first.

When was the first ice hockey match played?

Hockey was first played by Native Americans so it is hard to tell who played the first game of hockey. Myth of fact is when colonist first saw Indians playing the game they kept shouting the word "hockey!" which translates to "it hurts!"

What kind of sports star with i?

Ice skating, Ice Hockey.

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