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Update: MLB is Major League Baseball. The logo details:

MLB recognized Jerry Dior as the MLB logo's original designer, said Commissioner Bud Selig in a release. With the recognition comes the answer to ? that has puzzled: which player is the silhouette based? "People said my design was based on Harmon Killibrew, but it wasn't," said Dior. "Mine wasn't based on anyone--just nondescript figure with a bat." "I didn't model it after any one player," Dior

said. "It was intentionally ambiguous in every way, including righty vs. lefty."



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Q: What does each Major League Baseball logo stand for?
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How many games do the Major League Baseball players play in a season?

162 games in each Major League Baseball Season

How far is it between the bases in Major League baseball?

There are 90 feet between each base in Major League baseball.

Why did two baseball leagues form?

The commissioner and creator of baseball, in the time Major League Baseball was organized, wanted the championship to be decided by the top teams in each league. So, they created the American League and National League. The winner of each league faces each other in the World Series to decide the champion.

How many wild card spots are available in major league baseball?

Two, 1 for each league.

How many MVPs have there been in Major League Baseball?

There's a MVP each league every year

What is the running distance for a home run in Major League and Little League Baseball?

Major League is 360 ft (90 ft between each base). Little League is 240 ft (60 ft between each base).

How many wildcards in Major League Baseball?

There are 2 Wildcards in Major League Baseball, one in each league. The wildcard team -- the team with the best record that did not win the division -- gets to join the division winners in the postseason.

How many Major League Baseball teams were there in 1939?

In 1939, both the American League and the National League had eight teams each.

How many players are there on each team in baseball in America?

Each league (little league, high school, college) has its own limits as far as how many players can be on a team. In Major League Baseball, there are 25 players on a team.

How many baseball games do each team play In the major league?


In Major League Baseball what is the distance between each base?

90 feet

How many American League baseball teams are there?

In 2013, the Houston Astros moved from the National League to the American League, giving each league 15 teams for a total of 30 Major League Baseball clubs.

How many baseball games in a regular season?

There are a total of 162 games for each Major League Baseball team during the Regular Season.

How many games in a regular baseball season?

There are a total of 162 games for each Major League Baseball team during the Regular Season.

How many baseball games are there in a regular season?

Each team plays 162 games in the Major League Baseball regular season. EDIT: Being that there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball (14 in the American League, 16 in the National League), this equates to 2430 scheduled games for a regular season.

How many Major League Baseball teams are in the American League?

The 2012 Major League Baseball season will mark the last time that the National League has 16 teams versus 14 for the American League. In 2013, the Houston Astros will move from the National League Central to the American League West, giving each league 15 teams.

What two cities each have major league baseball teams?

los angeles and chicago

What two cities have each have two major league baseball teams?

Los angeles

How many Major League Baseball teams were there in 1920?

16, 8 in each division

In Major league baseball how many times to teams in the same division play?

In Major League Baseball teams in the same division play each other at least 18 times during the course of the Regular Season.

How many games are in a regular baseball season?

There are a total of 162 games for each Major League Baseball team during the Regular Season.

How many regular season games are in a major league baseball season?

Each major league team has 81 home games and 81 road games for a total of 162.

How long are the base paths in Little League?

From base to base, each path in Little League Baseball is 60 feet long, which is 30 feet less than that of Major League Baseball. There is a total of 360 feet of pathways around the baseball diamond in Little League Baseball.

In Major League Baseball how many wild card teams?

There are a total of 4 Wild Card teams in Major League Baseball, 2 from the American League and 2 from the National League. The 2 Wild Card teams in each league have to play in a 1-game Playoff in order to determine the Wild Card team that will be advancing to play 1 of the Divisional Champions.

How many people go to major league baseball games each year?

take a guess