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It is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight, ie 33 in length and 23 oz weight, is a drop 10, or -10, 33 in length and 24 oz weight is a drop 9, or -9, etc.

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Q: What does drop mean on softball bats?
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What does AB mean in softball stats?


What is the right drop for softball bat?

There's 8 10 and 12 drop bats it all just depends on weight how old you are and such. I'm a freshman in highschool and About 119 pounds and the 10 drop is what I use

What does the -10 mean for fastpitch softball bats?

It stands for drop 10. The drop of a bat depends on what the length and weight is. You find out the drop by subtracting the weight from the length. So if your bat was 32 inches long and 22 ounces then it would be drop 10 (-10) if your bat was 32 inches and 25 ounces then it would be drop 7 (-7)

Is a drop of 4 good on a softball bat?

It's not good nor bad it just means the weight to length ratio is significantly smaller than most softball bats currently used.

In softball which team bats first in a game?

The visiting team bats first in a softball game.

What does drop mean in a softball bat?

drop means how many ounces it is lighter than the length of the bat for example a drop -10 on a 32" bat would be 22 ounces

What does the -11 mean for fast pitch softball bats?

It referrers to the drop of the bat or the weight. If you have a 32 inch long bat and a -11 drop the bat weight is 21 oz. If you have a 31 inch long bat and a -11 the bat weight is 20 oz.

What is bat drop on fast pitch softball bats?

The drop is the weight of the bat in relationship to the length. If you have a 32 inch bat and a -10 drop the weight is 22 ounces. If you have a 32 inch bat and a -9 drop the weight is 23 ounces.

Are softball bats bigger than baseball bats?


What brand bats do the USA Olympic softball team use?

what kind of bats do the usa softball team use

What is the best material for a softball bat?

Softball bats are normally made out of metal. Louisville slugger is the main company that makes softball bats. While they also make wood, metal is used in softball.

What was the slowest pitch?

In softball it's the rise and the drop.

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