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it means the barrel is wrapped with amother wall

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Q: What does double wall mean in bats?
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Do big barrel double wall baseball bats exist?

demarini f3 is the only one ive heard of, and it warrants researching.

What is the difference between a double wall oven and a single wall oven?

A double wall oven has the same capacity as the single wall oven, only it is split into two small ovens. Double wall ovens are more for people who have the room for two ovens and room to entertain.

Can you get 24 MTB double wall tires and wheels?

As far as I know, there's no such thing as a double wall tyre.OTOH there are things as double wall rims, and those are available in the 24" size. Which, of course, could be built up into a "double wall wheel", but that name just isn't used.

Is cavity wall load bearing?

no,because cavity wall is a double is not a concrete wall

Why are Ice boxes provided with double walls?

Ice boxes are provided with double walls for strength. A double wall box has -- what it says --- a double wall. A single wall would not be as strong. I believe there are also some benefits of protecting the ice from the "elements".

Why do we have compound wall?

Having a double wall increases security for physical security.

Are 36 hole Salt AM Rims double wall?

nah their single wall

Is the miken model T22c6 bat a double wall?

No it is not a double wall.. The T22C6 is a composite bat with a Titanium inner sleeve. And they are super hot...

How many BTU in a double gas wall oven?

Not all double gas wall ovens have the same number of BTUs. For instance, BlueStar makes a double gas wall oven that has a 25,000 BTU burner and one that has a 30,000 BTU burner.

Does Josh Wall bat right or left?

MLB player Josh Wall bats right.

Does the redline 5.1 2010 bmx bike have double or triple wall rims?

Alienation Black Sheep Double Wall Rims, front and back

How do you put a soccer jersey on a wall?

what do you mean on a wall

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