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when you determined you success

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Q: What does determination mean in the Olympics?
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Related questions

What does excellence mean to the olympics?

It means to excell in your sport and show determination

How do you get to the Olympics?

By following a dream, of becoming an athlete. Provided you have the phenotype and genotype that allows for it, and the determination

What are the Olympics and Paralympics values for 2012?

Respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

What are the principles of olympics?

The 7 principles of the games are - Friendship: Respect; Excellence: Determination: Courage; Equality: Inspiration

Where are the 2014 Olympic games held?

If you mean the Summer Olympics, then there are no Olympics this year. If you mean the Winter Olympics, then they are to be held in 'Sochi'.

What is another word for determination?

Determination can mean the act of determining a fact, cause, or result. Synonyms include discernment, deduction, discovery, evaluation, calculation, or diagnosis. Determination can more specifically mean controlling of an outcome or a firmness of purpose. Other words for determination include backbone, tenacity, resolve, purposefulness, and willpower.

What does self determination mean?

Self determination refers to the freedom to act or live as one chooses without having to consult others.

What did freedom mean to Garveyites?

National self-determination.

What does fire in your belly mean?

It means ambition and determination.

What does the metaphor bulldogged determination mean?

very determined

What does fight like a Trojan mean?

To fight with great determination or zeal.

What requirement did princess ann not have to have in 1976 Olympics?

She did not have to undergo a sex determination test (to make sure that men did not compete in the women's events) out of respect for her royal background.

What does dosage mean in french?

Dosage means Determination in French.

What do it mean to live deliberately?

A determination to live life, inspite of life's challenges..

Why are the red green blue black yellow Olympic colors?

they are the colours of the Olympic rings and the stand for determination, equality and five others that represent the true meaning of the Olympics

What does the London Olympics logo mean?

probably means 2012 london olympics

Where were the 2007 winter olympics held at?

I believe there were no 2007 winter Olympics. If you mean the 2006 Winter Olympics, they were held in Turin, Italy.

What does acoustic signal mean Olympics?

it mean i have no clue

When is the first day of the Olympics?

8/8/08, if you mean 2008 Summer Olympics.

Is hockey in the Olympics in Beijing 2008?

If you mean turf hockey then yes it is in the 2008 Olympics

What does GBR mean in the Olympics?

GBR is the abbreviation for the country of Great Britain that participates in the Olympics.

What does Dakkha mean?


What does para mean in Paralympics?

Parallel to the Olympics.

What does unnerved mean?

it means to be deprived of courage, strength, determination, or confidence

What does doggedly mean?

It means determinedly : done with determination or unflagging effort.