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three times

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Q: What does cover 3 mean in football?
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Who is on the cover of NCAA football 13?

Robert Griffin 3 and Barry Sanders

What is the duration of Football Under Cover?

The duration of Football Under Cover is 1.43 hours.

When was Football Under Cover created?

Football Under Cover was created on 2008-02-10.

What are the ratings and certificates for Football Under Cover - 2008?

Football Under Cover - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Germany:o.Al.

What does 3L mean on a college football roster?

3 letters, meaning the player started 3 years

What does the number 3 mean on the new barcelona's football shirt?

h Gerard Pique

Who will be on the cover of NCAA football 2011?

Tim tebow

Who will be in the cover of NCAA football 2010?

noel devine

What is man on in football?

You cover your man instead of playing zone, which is when you cover whoever is in your assigned area.

Do New Zealanders play football?

If football you mean American Football? Then yes. If football, you mean Soccer? Then yes also!

Can alveoli surface area cover a football ground?


What does IL football mean?

In what form exactly? It can mean Illinois Athletics, it can mean Italian Football, etc.