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senior- open is the age brackett basically mixing junior ages with senior ages up to age 18..

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Q: What does cheer-leading senior level 2 open mean?
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What does junior open level 3 mean in cheerleading?

A junior team can not be Open. Only senior teams can be open. Open means there is no age limit.

What does cheer leading senior level 2 open mean?

senior- open is the age brackett basically mixing junior ages with senior ages up to age 18..

Who is the best cheerleading group?

These are the results in each category from The 2011 Cheerleading Worlds:Small Senior All Girl Level 5 - Cheer Athletics Panthers Small Senior Limited Coed Level 5 - Brandon All Atars Senior BlackLarge Senior All Girl Level 5 - Maryland Twisters F5Large Senior Limited Coed Level 5 - Twist & Shout Senior ObsessionSenior Unlimited Coed Level 5 - California All StarsInternational Open All Girl Level 5 - GymTyme All Stars PinkInternational Open Coed Level 5 - Top Gun All AtarsLarge Senior Semi-Limited Coed Level 5 - ACE of Birmingham WarriorsInternational Open All Girl Level 6 - Flyerz All StarsInternational Open Coed Level 6 - GymTyme All Stars NfinityI got the results from:

How many different divisions of cheerleading are there?

In allstars cheerleading there are levels. Levels 1 to 5, 5 being the highest. There also is a level 6, but that is only for international treams. Gyms also divide their teams into tiny, mini, youth, junior, and senior based on age. So for example a team might be called junior level 5 or mini level 1 or senior level 4. There are also divisions involving size (small or large), coed divisions for the numbers of males on your team (limited, semi-limited or unlimited), and Open divisions (for senior teams that want to include younger girls on their team) Internationals is added to teams from other countries or teams in this country who want to be a level six. You could wind up with some really long titles such as: Senior Open Semi-Limited International Level 6

Who won the college cheerleading nationals 2009?

Small Senior All Girl 5- Cheer Athletics Panthers Small Senior Limited Coed 5- Brandon Allstars Black Large Senior All Girl 5- Maryland Twisters F5 Large Senior Limited Coed 5- Twist and Shout Senior Obsession Senior Unlimited Coed 5-California Allstars Intl Open All Girl 5- Gymtyme-Pink Intl Open Coed 5- Top Gun Intl Open All Girl 6- Flyers All Starz Large Senior Semi-Limited Coed 5- Top Gun Intl Open Coed 6- TIE Gymtyme Black and University of Bangkok Thailand

How do I open a Senior daycare center?

How do I open a daycare center for seniors?

Is there a shortage of librarians and library administrators?

There are more mid-level and senior level positions opening, but not a great number of entry level librarian positions open. The state of the economy has not helped. Often the positions open at entry level have prefer candidates with post graduate experience. If you are coming out of library school with your degree in hand expect to be flexible about where you work. Be willing to relocate or work in a setting you did not plan to work in.

What does 'open' level mean in swimming?

Open level means all age-when you reach the higher levels of a competition though it will be categorised into 2 sections open and ae division. If you are under a certain time for the age division, you move into the open and verse people of all ages.

Cbse National open school senior secondary?

plz tell me the Delhi center of cbse open schooling

Are senior accountant jobs beneficial?

Yes, senior accountant jobs are very beneficial because it will open the door to many more exciting opportunities. Once you become a senior, you may advance to a member of the board.

How do you make sure you make the cheerleading team?

Go to open gym's at your nearest gymnastic/cheerleading gym. And try hard then do all the things that you were tought including tumbling, jumos, stunts, cheer, etc. And other then that just try hard facials and you might be guranteed at spot on the team.

What is all-star cheerleader?

Allstar cheerleading is a type of cheerleading that doesn't cheer for a specific team but is a dance routine (hip hop), that involves hard stunts and a lot of hard tumbling just like gymnasts. Some examples are odyssey allstars, Victory allstars, or Cheer Extreme allstars! An allstar cheerleading routine consists of several different parts: dance, cheer (the organization or team's cheer), jump sequence, various motion sequences, running tumbling, several stunts, and a pyramid. Allstar cheerleading routines are up to 2.5 minutes long. Deductions are usually given at competitions if the performance exceeds this time. Allstar teams attend several cheerleading competitions a year where they will compete with other teams in their division on a large spring floor. Competitions range from small, local competitions to large, national competitions. There is also a Worlds competition at Disney World in Orlando, Florida that can only be attended if a team wins a Worlds Bid. Most other competitions can be entered just by paying an entry fee, and bids are usually not required. There can be as few as 6 members on a team and as many as 36. Both males and females can compete. The different divisions include tiny, mini, youth, junior, senior and open divisions, which are all based on age. The levels within those divisions are levels 1-5 and they are based on difficulty level. Allstar cheerleading is a great sport and a fun way to learn about teamwork and cooperation. It is also a great way to make new friends and boost your confidence!