What does caps stand for in soccer?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Darien Renner

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Cap stands for Country APearences. It signifies how many times a certain player has played for their country in international competition.

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Otis Steuber

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Q: What does caps stand for in soccer?
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How many caps did mia hamm have during her soccer career?

She had 275 caps for USA

Who has won the most international soccer caps for England?

Peter Shilton - 125 Caps (I Think!!)

Which male has won the most ever international soccer caps?

= Claudio Suárez , a Mexican defender with 178 caps. =

What does AM stand for in soccer?

I assume you meant the player position which AM will stand for attacking midfielder.

Who played Ireland soccer team the most?

Steve Staunton had 102 caps

What is the national pastime of Uruguay?

They play with beer caps, stones, or football.

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no soccer is not hard to learn just know your position and stand by it.

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