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A bump is when the volleyball is hit to you, and it is too low to set or spike. Then, you have to hit it, with one fist inside your other hand, your arms fully extended and never bent, and using your legs to get power.

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Q: What does bumping mean in volleyball?
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What is the basic skill in volleyball called?


What is plassing in volleyball?

I think you mean "passing"? Passing is the same as 'bumping', usually from the back row, with your forearms.

What is the difference between wallyball and volleyball?

walleyball is just bumping a ball against the wall, volleyball is volleying(or bumping) the ball in the air

What is the definition of bumping a volleyball?

Bumping a volleyball is the action of passing the ball to a specific spot the court by using your arms as a platform and your legs to give you power.

What are skills of volleyball?

The basic skills of volleyball are passing (bumping), setting, serving, and hitting.

What are the different kinds of passes in volleyball?

Setting and bumping

What is bumping in volleyball?

Bumping is clasping your hands together and using the upside of your extended forearms to hit the ball upwards.

When bumping what part of the body should contact the ball in volleyball?

The wrists

What are the three contacts called in volleyball?

Bumping (passing), Setting, and Hitting.

What are the three skills focused on in the volleyball unit?

Bumping, setting, and spiking

What are ways volleyball can be played?

volleyball is played by either bumping hitting setting and serving the balll across the net

What is bumping the ball in volleyball?

Bumping the volleyball is when you put your hands together and one hand is over the other and there is a little space between your arms and when the ball comes to you, you bend down a little and bump it up.

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