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short pass to the flats

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Q: What does bubble mean in football terms?
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When a football has a bubble on one point what does that mean?

A football consists of a rubber bag with leather panels glued to it. The rubber bag is made of many layers. If there's a bubble in your football it means the bag's layers have separated and the ball is about to pop.

What sport is 'The Bubble Bowl' on SpongeBob?

The sport that 'The Bubble Bowl' from SpongeBob has is football.

During what sporting event is the 'Bikini Bottom Bubble Bowl?

During what sporting event is the 'Bikini Bottom Bubble Bowl'?

What sport is the bikini bottom bubble boen?


In football terms what does The Wall mean?

a barrier made by footballers defending a free kick at goal

What does word pressing mean in football?

(Team Sports / Football Terms (both Rugby & Soccer)) Football the tactic of trying to stay very close to the opposition when they are in possession of the ball.

During what sporting is the bikini bottom bubble bowl?


What really sporting event is the 'Bikini Bottom Bubble Bowl'?

The 'Bikini Bottom Bubble Bowl' sporting event is really football. At the 'BBBB', there are strange fish, which are humans, playing football.

What does 'bubble bubble toil and torouble' mean?

harry potter