What does box out mean in basketball?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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It is the same as block out. Keeping the man you are closest to from getting down low for a rebound.

Turn your back to him keep a hand on him for locating him and use your back and butt to block him away from the rim.

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Q: What does box out mean in basketball?
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How do they ship the basketball?

A basketball will usually be shipped in a box. Most commonly, it will be shipped in a square box that is roughly the diameter of the basketball.

What is the domension of the basketball coaching box on a regulation basketball court?

what is the answer

How can you do a basketball card box break?

Use a camera or videocamera and break your basketball box, showing cards to the camera

What does - stand for in basketball box score?


Where is the box on a basketball court?

its called the perimeter

Will more air outside a basketball make a basketball bounce higher?

If you mean OUTSIDE the basketball, then no. If you mean INSIDE the basketball, then yes.

How big is the box on the basketball backboard?

The box inside the backboard of a basketball goal has an area of 0.59 meters by 0.45 meters. The bottom of the box sits 0.15 meters above the bottom edge of the backboard.

What is the other name for the box in basketball?

the paint, or the key

Does David Henrie like basketball?

No, his favorite sport is the box

What does BA stand for in basketball box score?

Blocked Attempts

What is the Measurement of box on basketball backboard?

24" Across 18" High ------------------- I I I I ------------------ Box lines are 2" wide

What do's NBA basketball mean?

National Basketball Association