What does bonus shot mean?

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i think you need to be more specific but soccer when you get a pk (penalty kick) that's kind of like a bonus shot.

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Q: What does bonus shot mean?
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What is a bonus in basketball?

A bonus is when someone gets fouled whilst shooting, the shot goes in "2 points" Then they go to the free throw line for a "BONUS" shot, if made, "1 Point" bonus.

How many fouls does it take in basketball to have a bonus?

7th foul you take a bonus shot

What foul is it when a player begins to shoot a double bonus?

Bonus starts when the 7th foul is committed. Double bonus is at 10 team fouls. In single bonus the foul shout is one-in-one. If the first shot is made you get another shot. Double bonus is 2 shots automatically. Bonus means that when a player is fouled and he isn't in the act of shooting he still gets the bonus foul shots.

How many fouls before the bonus is applied in high school basketball?

6.. on the 7th foul then a bonus shot is taken with it

If a player is fouled while tipping the ball in is it a two shot foul?

Not unless the other is in double bonus, or they attempt a shot.

What does a one and one shot or bonus mean in basketball?

It means if your team gets 4 fouls in a quarter then you will shoot 2 free throws the rest of the fouls

What is does total annual bonus mean?

total annual bonus for the job position

What does Bonus mean latin?


What does bonus mean in latin?


What does it mean to get shot in your dream?

What does it mean to get shot in your back?

When was the bonus foul shot instituted?

When black people started stuffing white people

What is mean by exchange bonus in car?

it means the bonus given by the dealer at local festivals

What is good work in Latin?

Bonus Opus- if you mean good work in the general or collective sense... Bonus Factum - if you mean a specific task well done. Bonus Laboris - if you mean a job that is good, as in "that's good work if you can get it. "

If you spare strike in the tenth frame is the strike considered the eleventh frame?

No. Technically there are only ten frames in bowling. If you Spare in the tenth frame, you get a bonus shot called a fill shot. If you strike in the tenth frame, you get two bonus/fill

What does fatally shot mean?

Fatally shot means that "He was shot with consequences and implications"

What does share bonus mean in zynga poker?

sharing a bonus on zynga poker posts a message on your wall and people can click claim bonus and it gives them a few bonus chips on your behalf, but it wont deduct from your chip stack :)

How and where do I give my shot?

If you mean a shot of heroin; you should not be doing that.

What does it mean when you dream of being shot?

probably that your afraid that you will be shot

What does shot by a gangsta mean?

It means you where shot, typically by a gangster.

What does Ego Sum Pastor Bonus mean?

I am the good shepherd

What happens when in bonus and double bonus?

First off U need 7 team fouls for bonus and 10 team fouls for double bonus. In bonus U get every foul (other than shooting) U get 1 free through and the ball after that. If U get a shooting foul in bonus, every foul shot made U get 2 points. And in double bonus U just get 2x what I just said. Go 76ers! Go Allen Iverson

What does NAB from ffxi mean?

I believe you mean "MAB" and it stands for Magic Attack bonus

Do have a number to a place where you can get the shot from?

What do you mean by shot in the question, please clarify

What does sum bonus mean?

what is sum? sum means like total of the #

What does bile shot mean?