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Q: What does basketball baseball and football help with a 12 year old boy?
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What were the latest sports in the year 1990?

The latest sports in the year 1990 was baseball,football,hockey,basketball,and soccer

Was Joe Namath a sophomore in high school when he played football?

He started playing football his freshman year, and also played football, basketball, and baseball throughout his high school year.

What are the top five Sports Played in North America in the year 2000?

Basketball Football Baseball Hockey Tennis

How much on average does a jockey make a year?

Basketball= 5mil Baseball=6mil Football=3mil Plus endorsements

is there any division one school who has won conference championships in football basketball and baseball in the same year?

Gull Lake

What d 1 college sports men's programs have won conference championships in football basketball and baseball in the same year?

Kansas State University won the Big 12 conference champioship in football 2012, men's basketball 2012-2013, and baseball 2013.

Who has won both football and baseball in the same year?

No one has ever done this, Florida came close to winning all three major men's titles, winning football, basketball, and then comming in second in baseball

Who won basketball and football in the same year?

Notre dame

Where do you find basketball cards and their value?

go to and subscribe for a subscription of their magazine for a year. This is how you find basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, tennis, football, hockey, and nascar cards their value.

Did Gary Paulsen play any sports?

Gary Paulsen has played football for 7 years baseball for 2 basketball for a half a year and hockey for a half a year

What year did the University of Florida win National Championships in basketball and football?

2006, in football they beat Ohio State, and basketball they beat UCLA. The basketball team also won it again, the next year beating Ohio State.

How much money do basketball player make a year?

football is better

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