What does ball handling increase on FIFA 09 ps2?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Fifa 09 isn't a Basketball game, it's a soccer game.

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Q: What does ball handling increase on FIFA 09 ps2?
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How do you cross the ball to a team mate for fifa 08 ps2?

Press and hold the square button.

Is there a areana on FIFA 09 ps2?

No, there is no arena in Fifa 09 Ps2 but there is arena in Fifa 09 Ps3.

Is There Going to be FIFA 12 for PS2?

Yes, there is going to be a fifa 12 for the ps2.

Is there arena in FIFA 11 for ps2?

Yes, Fifa 11 has been out for PS2. FatShady inc.

How do you get the arena on fifa 09 for the PS2?

there is no arena for ps2

Is there a FIFA 12 for PS2?

Yes there is a PS2 version of the game

Is there an arena in FIFA 08 on PS2?

There is no arena for the ps2. Thanks :)

Superstar mode for madden 09 on ps2?

Fifa 09 has no arena mode. Just break your fifa 09 C-D and sleep!

Is FIFA 11 going to bein stores for PS2?

Yes stores that carry new PS2 releases. FIFA 11 for PS2 was released on September 30 2010

Will FIFA 11 come out on PS2?

Fifa 11 is being released for the ps2 in september. Although most new games concentrate on the ps3, xbox360 and wii, certain games like Fifa will continue to be released for the ps2 as long as there is demand. No online play will be available with the ps2 version though, the same as with Fifa 10.

How do you get arshavin on ps2 FIFA 09?


Is there a FIFA 11 for PS2?