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Q: What does asymmetrical result from a mammogram mean?
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What does mammogram NEC mean?

Mammogram not elsewhere classified

How many uppercase letters in the alphabet are asymmetrical?

If you mean horizontally asymmetrical there are 15: BCDEFGJKLNPQRSZ If you mean vertically asymmetrical there are 17: AFGJLMNPQRSTUVWYZ

What does a BIRADS 0 result from a mammogram indicate?

A BIRADS 0 rating indicates that the mammogram is incomplete and requires further assessment.

What is a negative result from a mammogram also known as?

A normal mammogram may be rated as BIRADS 1 or negative, which means no abnormalities were seen.

What does a BIRADS 5 result from a mammogram mean?

BIRADS 5 means an abnormality is highly suggestive of cancer. The suspicious area should be biopsied.

What follow-up is recommended for a BIRADS 3 result from a mammogram?

A follow-up mammogram within a short interval of six months is suggested.

What does BI-RADS 0 mean on a mammogram?

BI-RADS 0 on a mammogram means that the pictures were incomplete, and additional imaging is needed. It is not a comment on whether the mammogram is normal or abnormal.

What does stable normal mean on a mammogram?

it is stable

What does it mean when your breasts show thickness on a mammogram?

"Dense breasts" on a mammogram is a normal finding. A "thickness" on mammogram is not a typically used phrase; ask your health care provider to clarify what the results actually say.

What does ASH mean?

asymmetrical septal hypertrophy

What is bi-rads 4 on a mammogram?

BI-RADS 4 on a mammogram means there is a suspicious abnormality, and a biopsy might be required. It does not necessarily mean cancer.

How many mammogram results show a false-positive result?

"False positive" readings also are possible, and 5% to 10% of mammogram results indicate the need for additional testing, most of which confirm that no cancer is present.

What does the medical abbreviation mmg mean?

In some contexts, it may mean mammogram or mammography.

What is the history of mammogram?

what is a mammogram?

What does the diagnosis code V 7612 mean?

Its the code for a mammogram screen.

What happens to an animals that is asymmetrical?

More importantly, What happens to an animal (no S as AN indicates a singular) that is asymmetrical OR What happens to animals that ARE asymmetrical (ARE is used when talking about plurals, not IS). These tips will help you through life a lot better than the answer to your question... which doesn't make sense. What would happen to an animal that is asymmetrical in what way? And what do you mean by happen? Do you mean how would a wolf continue to survive if it was missing a leg? Or if it had to hind legs and one in the middle of it's chest? Or eyes that are not evenly spaced? What do you mean.

What does a BIRADS 4 result from a mammogram indicate?

BIRADS 4 means suspicious for cancer. A biopsy is usually recommended in this case.

Can radiation from a Mammogram kill you?

Can radiation from a mammogram kill you?

What is the ICD-9 for a mammogram?

V76.12 Other screening mammogram or793.80 Abnormal mammogram,unspecifiedorV76.11 Screening mammogram for high-risk patient

Is H2O symmetrical or asymmetrical?


What is a BIRADS 2 rating from a mammogram mean?

A normal mammogram may also be rated as BIRADS 2 or benign findings. This means that one or more abnormalities were found but are clearly benign (not cancerous), or variations of normal.

What does bi rads 2 benign finding mean?

BI-RADS 2 benign finding means that something was found on the mammogram, but it is almost certainly not cancer. Talk with your health care provider for more information on what was found on your mammogram.

Why would a script for a mammogram say malignant neoplasia other?

A script for a mammogram may say "malignant neoplasia, other" because that is the purpose of the mammogram. The mammogram is a screening test to look for cancer ("malignant neoplasia") of the breast.

Does a snail have asymmetrical or bilateral symmetry?


What's better for a breast checkup an ultra sound or a mammogram?

A mammogram.