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You pass the ball to a player and then that player scores.

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Q: What does assist mean in nicktoons basketball?
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When did Nicktoons Basketball?

Nicktoons Basketball happened in 2004.

When did Nicktoons Basketball happen?

Nicktoons Basketball happened in 2004.

When was Nicktoons Basketball created?

Nicktoons Basketball was created on 2004-09-11.

What is assist called in basketball?

An assist in basketball is just an assist.

What is a dime in basketball?

a dime in basketball is an assist.

What is an assist in basketball?

ana assist in basketball is when u pass the ball to a teammate and they score.

What is assist in basketball?

ana assist in Basketball is when u pass the ball to a teammate and they score.

How to get basketball assist?

You get an assist by passing the ball, and the person scores

How do you unlock Tak in Nicktoons Basketball?

to unlock tak beat the season (without being defeated)

Can anyone spot you a 'dime' in basketball?

Yes, a dime is a slang term for an assist in basketball.

What is the pass before the shot in basketball?

That is called an assist.

What is an assist in girl's college basketball?

An assist is the act of passing the ball to a player who then completes a basket.

What is an offensive pass in basketball that leads directley to the basket?


Is it a basketball assist on an inbounds pass when the shot is made?


What is a pass by one player to another that scores in basketball?


Most assist in a high school basketball game?

Bob DePathy

Does a basketball assist require that the player shoots the ball without dribbling?


What is considered a basketball assist in the NBA?

f*ckin d*ck

Who is sec basketball all time assist leader?

Sean Tuohy

What does the term drop a dime mean?

to get an assist in basketball or to make a telephone call like to the police to inform on someone as it used to cost a dime at payphones

What does FGA mean in basketball stats?


What is an 'assist' in basketball?

An assist is when player A passes the ball to player B and player B makes the shot in a short time, resulting in player A getting an assist.

Will more air outside a basketball make a basketball bounce higher?

If you mean OUTSIDE the basketball, then no. If you mean INSIDE the basketball, then yes.

What is the definition of assist?

To help someone out. An assist in basketball is a pass to a teammate that directly leads to a field goal by the player the ball was passed to.

All time leading assist players in nba basketball?

John Stockton