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Q: What does an nfl players contract look like?
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What advantages do NFL players have?

signing a contract

What does cba stand for in the NFL?

Collective Bargaining Agreement.The CBA is the contract between the NFL owners and the NFL players union that specifies things like minimum salary, what percentage of revenues will go towards players salaries, how teams can recoup bonuses paid to players that break their contract, the definition of free agency, what the salary cap will be, policies for drug and steroid use enforcement, how the college draft will work, and many, many more issues.

Which NCAA school has had the most players in the NFL in the history of the NFL?

The school with the most players in the NFL is the Miami Hurricanes also nicknamed "The Factory" because it is like a factory on how many NFL players it produces.

Do NFL players get paid by the NFL?

yes,usually more then 400k and sometimes over a million dollars, they also get boneses and back load-to front load of the contract.

Can a player be a free agent in the NFL at age 28?

A player can be a free agent at anytime in the NFL. When a players contract is up and the team he plays for does not sign him, he will become a free agent.

If an NFL Player sits out a game due to an injury does he get paid for that game?

NFL Players don't get payed per game. They get a contract for a certain amount of years and get payed injured or not.

How much is a NFL game check?

i think i heard somewhere once that they were 250,000

Why cant pros show the oval on cutter gloves in NFL?

Because of trademark issues. The NFL sponsors players to wear NFL equipment as part of their contract. The oval is show on the gloves because it is non removable just like the Nike logo on there gloves. But the cutter sign on the wrist strap is removed

How many NFL players have been in the hospital?

how back does football and hospitals date back to? well thats way to far look for the year that the NFL started. then look for the single records of those football players up till 2012.

What does a NFL union card look like?

like an nfl unioun card

Do some semi pro players get signed to NFL pro teams?

Some players do get signed to NFL teams but not most make it past the practice squad. Playing semi pro doesn't automatically get you a contract with a NFL team. Chances of signing on is 1 out of 10 and that is glorifying the chances of getting signed.

What is each NFL player's share for television contracts?

Players do not receive any compensation for TV revenue. That goes to the owners who pay the players whatever their contract states they earn. Players are paid every two weeks.