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The ACC is the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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Q: What does acc mean in college football?
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Which is the most successful college football conference in history?


What teams belong to ACC College Football?

gerogia state and alabama

What college football conference has more pro players ACC or SEC?


Has the ACC or the SEC won more national titles in college football?


What acc college football team has had the most players arrested?

Miami Hurricanes

What does acc mean in NCAA football?

Atlantic Coast Conference

Which College Football Conference has the highest academic standards?

Ivy League followed by the ACC

How many acc championships has FSU won?

Assuming you mean football..FSU has won/shared 12 ACC championships.


Depends on which conference, and there is a lot of them,.. Big East, SEC, ACC., etc

What college football conference has produce the most NFL pro bowlers in the last 5 years?

the ACC

Where did Jim Donnan play college football?

Jim Donnan played college football at North Carolina State University, or NC State. He was also ACC player of the year in 1967.

Pac-10 vs ACC all time record football?

the ACC

Do the top two teams in college football play for the national championship?

college football?. Don't you mean American college football,or the real thing?

What does fbs mean in college football?


What are all the football conferences in college?

this isn't all but there is the SEC, the PAC-10, the MAC, the BIG-10, the ACC, the WAC and a bunch more.

Will college football conferences change?

Yes, some have already changed. Texas A&M and Missouri moved to the SEC, and Pitt and Syracuse are moving to the ACC.

What is does acc mean on bebo?

Acc means account on basically everything.

ACC tournament cost how much?

Acc mean account accounts

Do college football players have earphones in their helmets?

Earphones are not allowed under NCAA football rules. They have been used in the NFL for years but have never been permitted in college. In fact, the ACC asked to use them in 2014 on a trial basis but the request was denied.

Who has won the most ACC Championships in football?

Clemson Tigers

Most football national championships acc or sec?


Who was the last team admitted into the ACC?

Boston College

What is the northern most ACC School?

Boston College

What does SEC mean in college football mean?

The meaning of SEC in college football is South Eastern Conference. Teams in the SEC include Alabama, Tennessee, and Auburn.

What are the Conferences in college football?

Big Ten SEC Big 12 ACC Big East MWC MAC WAC C-USA Sun Belt