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Atlantic Coast Conference

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Q: What does acc mean in NCAA football?
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What does acc mean in college football?

The ACC is the Atlantic Coast Conference.

What is the toughest NCAA football conference?

The SEC. then the Big 12, Pac 10, Big 10, and ACC

What is the university of North Carolina's NCAA called?

If you mean the division, they are in Division I and play in the ACC.

Where did Clemson's 2006 average football attendance of 81506 rank them in national attendance figures?

Well, by that attendance figure do you mean for all games Clemson played or for home games only. The NCAA has Clemson at an average of 82,992 for 7 home games in the 2006 season. That ranked them 14th overall in the NCAA and 1st in the ACC. Click on the 'NCAA College Football Attendance Stats' link below to see the NCAA's report.

How many acc championships has FSU won?

Assuming you mean football..FSU has won/shared 12 ACC championships.

What does NCAA fbs mean?

Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly NCAA Division 1-A)

What conference has the most wins in the ncaa tournament?


Which NCAA conference has the most quarterbacks currently in the NFL?


What conference has sent the most teams to NCAA Tournament?


What NCAA conference has the most tournaments wins in basketball?


Which NCAA conference provided officials for 2011 Sugar Bowl?

ACC, which might as well be the SEC. The ACC is the SEC's little sister.

Is there a difference between the nfl football and the ncaa football?

Yes. The NFL is professional football and the NCAA is college football.