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hi, yellow card mean a warning

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Q: What does a yellow card mean in hockey?
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What does yellow card mean in football?

it is a warning

How much do yellow card worth?

if you mean a yellow card in football, it means a warning, 2 of them and a red card is issued and throws you out of the game and the next one.

What does it mean if a player is issued with a yellow card?

it means they are rubbish

What colour card do you get in hockey?


What happens if you throw your stick in hockey?

In ice hockey, if you throw it at some one to poke the puck away or trip them, I believe that it's a penalty or a penalty shot. In field hockey, you will probably be given a yellow card, along with the appropriate penalty.

What is the popularity of hockey card collecting?

The popularity of hockey card collecting has gone down over the years, but there are still conventions and shows. I'm a hockey card collector myself and I highly recommend it to all hockey fans.

What is the most valuble hockey card?

in my opinion the most valuable hockey card would be rocket Richard 's rookie card

What does it mean If you receive a yellow card during a soccer game?

A player shown a yellow card is receiving a caution. A formal warning to stop doing something.

What does a green card mean in field hockey?

If a player gets a green card they have committed a dangerous offence and sit on the side for 2 mins

What happens if a second yellow card is issued?

the 2nd yellow card is a red card, there are no back-to-back yellow's.

How do you read the back of a hockey card?

Most hockey cards are printed in english and french, if you know how to read english or french you can read any hockey card.

What is a hockey card?

a card that has a players/ goalies stats and his picture

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