What does a sport doctor do?

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A primary care sports medicine doctor is a leader in the field of sports medicine. Either through advanced fellowship training or through years of clinical experience, a primary care sports medicine doctor has learned the skills to take care of athletes of all ages, sports, and levels of competition. Primary care sports medicine doctors often serve as team doctors to professional sports teams or are personal doctors to elite-level athletes.

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Q: What does a sport doctor do?
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What is a sport doctor?

A sport doctor is on a sport team and helps the players with their injuries and stretches and also know as sport medicine. A real doctor has more knowledge and experience than sport doctor.

Who treats sport injuries?

A local doctor

Did doctor Seuss like sport?

No he liked his freakin cat.

What is a sport injury doctor called?

If he or she is on the field its the trainer . . . in the hospital, it could be an orthopedist.

How is an infection diagnosed?

an infection is diagnosed by taking the medicine the doctor has given you and resting. Try not to do sport until you get the all clear from a doctor.

What would you do if you lost a bit of discolouraction in sport?

I would see your medical doctor to have him assess you.

What PhD will you need to be a sport's doctor?

Study 'Sports Medicine' at a Four Year college.

Who is the team doctor for the New Jersey Devils?

Doctor Barry Fisher is the team doctor. He is a orthopedic surgeon and was the lead doctor for the United States Hockey Team. He was also the head doctor for various other New York and New Jersey sport teams.

How long do you need to take to play a sport if you broke your arm?

That will depend on the sport, how physical it is, and how badly broken your arm was. Certainly months, but you'd need a doctor's opinion.

Which voweldipthong does not belong in the group sport hot doctor stopwrong?

You should reword this question. It makes no sense.

Who provides medical care to the Olympic atheletes?

Special teams of doctor trained in that particular sport. Example: A gymnast who pulls a muscle is going to be treated by a doctor who specializes in gymnastics injuries.

Do you need a doctor to sign up for a sport?

Usally No, but you will need to fill out medical forms about current conditions and past injurys and illnesses.

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