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If the umpire or a player suspects that someone has an illegal serve, a Service Judge would be brought to the court for the duration of the match. A service judge is simply another umpire who is trained to identify illegal serves. The service judge watches all the servers and calls "fault" upon seeing an illegal serve. Upon hearing the fault call, the umpire reports that a service fault has been called and indicates the next server and the score.

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Q: What does a service judge do in badminton?
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Do you need any qualifications or training to be a umpire or service judge in badminton?


Does a service judge use equipment in badminton?

yes they do they use a chair, pen, watch and eyes

When might an umpire overrule the line judge in badminton?

The umpire can use her discretion when deciding whether to overrule any call made by a line judge or service judge. The line judges call the shuttlecock "in" or "out," and the service judge calls any service faults committed by the players.

What qualifications do you need to be a badminton service judge?

everything in life.

What does inning mean in badminton?

The inning is the term of service in badminton.

What is the service area in badminton?

The back of a badminton court is a back boundary line and long service line for singles.

What are some services related to badminton?

There are three types of services in badminton: (a) Short service (b) Long service (c) Receiver in service

What is service in badminton?

It's basically the same thiing as serving in badminton, when one who takes the first shot , is called the service .........

What does a referre do in badminton?

judge who gets a point, if its in or out, if its a fault etc.

What are the names of the officials used in badminton?

Officials and appealsThe referee is in overall charge of the tournament. The umpire, where appointed, is in charge of the match, the court and its immediate surrounds. The umpire shall report to the referee. The service judge shall call service faults made by the server should they occur. A line judge shall indicate whether a shuttle landed 'in' or 'out' on the line or lines assigned. An official's decision is final on all points of fact for which that official is responsible6 officials4 line jugdes1 umpire1 service judge

Who can overrule a wrong call made by a line judge in badminton?

a ref

In badminton is back gallery allowed at service?