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A Safety plays football.

a safety has nothing to do with this Basketball. If a safety did play in basketball (which it doesn't) it would probably guard its own net from the other team.

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Q: What does a safety in basketball do?
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Do ALL basketball teams require mouth guards?

yes they do it is for safety

What are some safety rules in basketball?

maybe hitting is bad or maybe not

What is the Health and safety for basketball?

Dont eat the ball or try and touch the rim too hard

The potential dangers and safety issues related to basketball?

do not poor any slippery liquids onto the basketball courts, this can lead to a player getting injured while running full speed.

What are issues related to health and safety in basketball?

the official has to check the area for any hazards by using a risk assessment

What are the two main responsibilities of a referee in basketball?

A basketball referees main responsibility is to ensure the safety off all players on and off the court, the second responsibility is to make the game run smoothly

What are some safety considerations for basketball?

When playing basketball, all players should be warmed up prior to the start of full action. There are many risks for sprains and strains if the muscles and other tissues are 'cold.'

What do basketballers wear?

they wear their uniforms, basketball shoes and for safety some people wear knee pads, ankle and knee braces.

What are the safety rules of basketball?

to be safe no hitting, no jewelry,no dunk slamming (for ladys), no traveling (taking 4 steps without dribbling), No insults, and have fun

Can you wear earrings during basketball?

For safety reasons you shouldn't wear earings during an activity such as basketball because there is the possibility you might rip the earings out of your ears. And if you are wearing earings while playing basketball, you should make sure they are not big, they should be a little stud earings or in other words nothing that hangs from your ears.

What safety facilities do you need for basketball?

you need a wooden floored court with two hoops and if you want to play out side you need a concrete surface so you bounce the ball :)

What is a basketball clinic?

A basketball clinic is the same as a basketball stadium - its a place dedicated to basketball and has basketball courts. :)

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