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They run towards the endzone.

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Q: What does a receiver do after catching a football?
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What position is mainly responsible for catching a forward pass?

In football, I would say a wide receiver.

Is a punt receiver in a football game allowed to block the person running down the field to tackle him or block him from downing the football if the receiver lets the punt go?

Yes, though this is not usually seen often due to the punt receiver's focus being only on catching the ball.

In football can a receiver pass the ball after catching it?

no the receiver can not pass the ball after catching it. hence the name "receiver" he only receives passes and does not throw them Actually the answer above is wrong, if say the quarterback throws the ball backwards or laterally then the receiver can then throw the ball. There is no rule on WHO throws the ball, only that there is one forward pass per play and it must come from behind the line of scrimmage.

What is an interferance in football?

There are two types of interference in football. Defensive pass interference is when a defender covering a receiver touches and prevents a receiver from catching a ball which he could have caught. Offensive pass interference is when an offensive player prevents a defensive player from intercepting the ball by touching or pushing him in any type of way to get him away from the football.

How do you receive a football?

by catching it...

What is a receiver in Madden 2011?

a receiver is a person that catches the football

What is the fastest football position?

probably wide receiver because they are in charge of catching a throw from the quarterback and running with it to try and get a touchdown so yeah they have to be really fast. like a new England patriots' wide receiver wes welker watch him sometime. that's about how fast a wide receiver should be

What is WR in football?

Wide receiver.

What does the receiver do in football?

goes out for passes

Who is Clark Vanderheyden?

Clark is a wide receiver at wayzata high school with a 4.6 second 40 he is unstoppable on the football field. He also has some of the best catching abillities in the state of minnesota

What is the role of the receiver?

The receiver plays multiple roles in football. The first role is catching the ball when it is thrown anywhere near him, whether it is a good or bad pass. The second role is to block for the runner or for a receiver after the ball is caught. The third role is being a decoy, running a route that is meant to pull defenders away from another receiver that is running a primary route.

Can punt receiver be blocked to prevent him from catching punt?

Fair catch interference.

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